Here at Devolutions, our mission is to help IT pros like you control the chaos in your world and improve security, efficiency, performance and results.

To achieve our purpose, we’re constantly improving our roster of products, including Devolutions Password Server, Remote Desktop Manager and Wayk Now, as well as our DPS companion tools like the new Devolutions Launcher and Devolutions Web Login.

Some of the improvements we make are the result of internal brainstorming and marketplace research. But many of the improvements come from the most important people in our world: YOU.

And that’s why we’ve made it easy and fast for you to send us a new feature request, or any other product-related feedback. All you need to do is head to our forum and post your suggestion(s) in the “Feature Request” section for the product you’re interested in. Here are the links:

As you will soon experience, we are VERY responsive, and will typically reply to your post in a day or so — or sometimes within a few hours (or even minutes!). Plus, our entire team scans the forum, so don’t be surprised if one of the replies you get is from our CEO David. Although he is extremely busy, David always finds time to connect with our community through our forum (read this great article from Yann, our Learning and Development Specialist, to see what I mean!)

Thank you in advance for your suggestions, advice and tips. See you on the forum!