We hope you had an amazing time over the holidays and didn’t have too many emails to get through upon return. Hey, another holiday season is only 11.5 months away! Considering the Milky Way Galaxy is about 13.6 billion years old, 11.5 months is a tiny drop in a massive bucket.

Before things get really busy around here with product updates and other developments, let’s look back at the poll question from last month. We asked you to share what you would be doing over the holidays. The response was great, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated.

Overall, the responses fell into four categories: work, family, fun, and geeking out.


Some of you planned on working over the holidays. But the good news is that most of you seemed happy about this, looking forward to being able to concentrate on tasks without a lot of distractions. In fact, Tommy Boucher planned to work in his pajamas, which we think is absolutely fantastic and we hope he starts a worldwide trend.


The holiday season is the time of the year that we gather with our family — or if you’re like the Griswolds, you have your family thrust upon you. For example, Logan Poe, CyberInferno and Germano Saffier (among others) planned a trip to spend time with family. We hope you all had a great time and that your relatives didn’t constantly ask you to fix their computers and devices.


The holidays can be stressful sometimes, which is why we salute FFournier for deciding to take a break from the start of winter in Quebec and head to sunny Cuba for some scuba diving and rest. Nice!

Geeking Out

It was also interesting to learn that many of you will be doing some very geeky things over the holidays. For example:

  • Thomas Higgins said: “Between family and friends, I am going to actually start up my blog that I have been writing for a while but never published.” We’re looking forward to reading your blog, Thomas! Please keep us posted.
  • Min Destens said: “You'll find me @ Red Dead Online.” Wish we could play together Min! PS4 vs. Xbox One is one of the eternal arguments between geeks.
  • Gunnar Brynjólfsson said: “l will be looking into SBC and firewall solutions for our updated environment. I know what I want, but I have to look into alternatives.” Sounds like some good geeky fun, Gunnar. What solutions did you end up choosing?
Some Additional Responses

Before wrapping up, I wanted to highlight two responses that we all loved around here:

!BRNDMG wrote: “I'm going to do a structural restoration of my new home: Removing a 50 year old carpet, glued over the entire surface on nearly 90 square meters, new tiles in bathroom and kitchen, new electrical wires, network and TV cable routing. Lots of things to do, won't get boring... And due to the timeline no time for relaxing... Gonna make three crosses, when all is done...” !BRNDMG Wow, you are a very hard worker indeed! We’d love to see some pictures. Heck, you should have your own YouTube channel.

Scott Bowling said: “My son is getting his wisdom teeth pulled so will use that excuse to avoid visiting the relatives. The boy is uncomfortable and is not up to traveling.” Scott, we’re not sure if you still have your wisdom teeth, but you, good sir, are a truly wise man. Yoda would be impressed by this masterful ability to transmute darkness into light.

To read all of the great responses, click here and scroll down.

Our Very Special Surprise

For the December poll, instead of giving two participants a gift certificate, we thought it would be festive to give 10 Sysdaminotaur calendars. But when we thought about it again, we realized it would be even more fun to give EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE POLL A FREE CALENDAR!

And so, congratulations goes to (in alphabetical order):

  • Beeharry Shiam
  • Ben Liebowitz
  • bjornjul
  • Brent Quick
  • Chris Thibeau
  • CyberInferno
  • Daniele Comelli
  • Darrell Pargmann
  • Darko Bazulj
  • Eric Nail
  • FFournier
  • fxdtim
  • Germano Saffier
  • Gunnar Brynjólfsson
  • Gustavo Cabrera
  • Harold Irvin
  • Jaqueline Garner
  • Jonathan Ralph
  • Jon Tankersley
  • Kjartan Konradsson
  • Logan Poe
  • Min Destens
  • nks
  • Philippe Nault
  • Scott Bowling
  • Sean
  • Thomas Clarke
  • Thomas Higgins
  • Tommy Boucher
  • Zinno

Congratulations to all! Please send me your mailing address by contacting me at   dsthilaire@devolutions.net.

Normally, this is where we would say something like, “if you didn’t win, then don’t worry. You’ll have another chance soon.” But since you all DID win, we’ll say this instead: you can keep your winning streak alive by participating in the January poll, which will be posted very shortly. Stay tuned!