Hello friends! Yesterday, we started looking back at 2018 and highlighted key events from January-June. Today, we’ll wrap things up by looking at July-December. So, please get comfy (and feel free to put your geeky pajamas on), and join us on this lovely trip down memory lane:


In July, we shared some feedback from our users on what they think of Wayk Now. You told us that you appreciate how the tool is easy to use, free for commercial use, reliable, lightweight, and a good alternative in some cases to more expensive tools such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn (by the way, to learn more about this read our recent article on Wayk Now license options here).

We also had some fun by sharing pics of Waykee, our plush, globetrotting Wayk Now mascot. That little guy sure gets around and hangs out with some cool IT pros! And speaking of cool: in July, we produced the first video in our amazing new recording studio. The topic was an introduction to Wayk Now.  And before wrapping up the month, our cartoonist extraordinaire Patrick paid homage to Sysamin Day with the Sysadminotaur instant classic: #74: Sysadmin Wish Day.


In our part of the world, August is hot hot hot. But that didn’t slow us down. To start with, based on the huge response we received to our July poll question, in August we published a master list of Windows keyboard shortcuts and Windows/Powershell commands that every IT pro should know. It’s definitely worth checking out and bookmarking for future reference.

Also in August, we officially introduced our new recording studio. We also wrote an article bidding farewell to Apple’s beloved Back to My Mac tool, and encouraging all of the broken-hearted users out there to discover the perfect alternative: Wayk Now (after all, when you get dumped you need to bounce back and get in the game ASAP, right?).


In September, exhausted parents were happily taking their (very unhappy) kids back to school, the days were getting shorter, and we were busy as usual. Some of September’s highlights included: introducing the new Devolutions Launcher (beta), which is a “lightweight edition” of Remote Desktop Manager that integrates with our secure vault Devolutions Password Server (DPS). By the way, the feedback on Devolutions Launcher has been great, and next month we’re releasing v1.1 — stay tuned!

Also in September, kids weren’t the only ones studying and researching. Our Product Specialist Jenny compared popular VPN solutions. Jenny has since updated her review and it now looks at 8 different VPNs — check it out here. To close out September on a high note, our Digital Marketing Specialist Yann produced a great video looking at what’s new in RDM 13.5.


In October, kids (and grown-ups, wishing they were still kids) were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Halloween, so they could go trick-or-treating and get some candy. Well, here at Devolutions we were happy to share two big treats and no tricks. The first treat was the release of Remote Desktop Manager 14.0, and the second treat was the release of Devolutions Password Server 6.0.


Here’s what kept us very busy in November: we released Wayk Now 3.0, which features the much-requested and highly anticipated unattended access. It’s amazing to see how far Wayk Now has evolved from when we launched it just a couple of years ago. We also launched the first official version of Devolutions Launcher (as noted above, version 1.1 is on the way). And before leaping with joy into December, we invited certified IT pros to request a not-for-resale license for Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise and/or Wayk Now Enterprise. Hey, it’s never too early to start giving gifts, right?


December is when we looked around and all said: hey, where did the year go!? As usual, time flew by. Here were some of the things that we put under the tree for you: our Digital Marketing Specialist Yann looked at the customer-inspired evolution of RDM’s check-in/check-out feature, our Marketing Coordinator Joey suggested some great holiday gift ideas for geeks, and we also posted an important article to help IT pros warn their end users about the dangers of online shopping — especially this time of year.


To all of you who were with us throughout 2018, and to those of you who joined the Devolutions family this past year, we would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You inspire and challenge us to constantly do better, and you’re the reason that 2018 was our best year ever.

On behalf of everyone at Devolutions, we wish you a very happy and joyful holiday season, and a wonderful start to 2019. Speaking of which: our CEO David is putting the final touches on the 2019 Road Map, which he’ll post in early January. Stay tuned!