Back in the summer, my colleague Jenny put together an excellent and easy-to-read comparison of our remote desktop access solution Wayk Now with some leading tools in the marketplace, including TeamViewer and LogMeIn.

Today, I’d like to dive a little deeper and provide more details about how the Wayk Now licensing model works. This is not because our licensing model is complex. Actually, it’s because our licensing model compared to TeamViewer and LogMeIn is refreshingly (and some might also say remarkably) simple. Ready? Here we go!

Wayk Now Licensing

If you’re currently using Wayk Now Free (free for both personal and commercial use) and want to upgrade to Wayk Now Enterprise — where you can take advantage of new features such as unattended access — here is what you need to know:

There are three types of Wayk Now subscriptions:

  • Free Edition (compare Free vs Enterprise)
  • Enterprise Edition
    • User-based
    • Site/Country/Global

User-based subscriptions are (as you’d expect) assigned to specific users, who can use Wayk Now on any machine or device. There is no need to buy additional “channels” or pay for enhanced security, because everything is included. Currently, user-based subscription cost $149 per year, per user.

Site/Country/Global subscriptions support an unlimited number of users. Site subscriptions are for a specific location (e.g. head office). Country subscriptions are for a specific country (e.g. 200 offices in the U.S.). And Global subscriptions are for the entire planet! For inquiries regarding Site, Country and/or Global subscriptions, please contact our sales team. It’s also worth noting that with any Wayk Now subscription option, there is no limit to the number of users you can help or the number of machines you can manage.

TeamViewer Licensing

TeamViewer is one of the biggest players in the remote desktop marketplace. After a lot of digging and searching, here is what we found, as of December 2018:

There are four license options: Free, Business, Premium and Corporate.

The Free version is (of course) free, but only for personal use. You cannot use it for commercial purposes.

The Business license a single-user model. It currently costs $49.00/month, and is billed annually at $588/year. You can initiate one session at a time and be connected to up to three devices at the same time (mobile or desktop). You can also manage up to 200 devices.

The Premium license is a multi-user model. It currently costs $99.00/month and is billed annually at $1,188/year. Up to 50 users can initiate a session, but only one session opens at a time. Which means, only one user can use Teamviewer at the time. If you need many users to use Teamviewer simultaneously –  you'll need to buy more channels. One channel equal one connected user . Thus, if you need three users to use Teamviewer simultaneously, you'll need to add two additional channels to your plan ($778.80 per channel, per year). Also, Premium license users can be connected through an unlimited number of devices, and they can manage up to 400 devices.

The Corporate license currently costs $199/month and is billed at $2,388/year. It supports access for up to 200 users, who can initiate up to three sessions simultaneously (three channels). Just like with the Premium license, you will need to pay for additional channel(s) if you need more than three simultaneously connected users ($778.80 per channel, per year). Corporate license users can manage up to 1000 devices.

But wait, there’s more!

Like I already explained above, once you choose the license that fits your needs, you have to purchase add-ons like “channels”. These extras will be added on to your base fees and may therefore increase your total annual costs considerably. To see what’s in store if you choose a TeamViewer license, take a look at the add-on overview page here.

LogMeIn Licensing

To start with, LogMeIn offers three remote desktop access products: Pro, Central and Rescue. We’ll focus on the Pro and Central products because they are more aligned with Wayk Now Enterprise and the paid versions of TeamViewer.

LogMeIn Pro has three versions: individual, power user, and small business. All versions support unlimited users. Where they differ is in the number of computers that can be accessed. Here is the summary (December 2018):

  • Pro for individual costs $349.99/year and you can access up to 2 computers.
  • Pro for power users costs $839.99/year and you can access up to 5 computers.
  • Pro for small business costs $1,539.99/year and you can access up to 10 computers.
  • Pro 25 for small business costs $3,499.99/year and you can access up to 25 computers.
  • Pro 50 for small business costs $6,999.99/year and you can access up to 50 computers.

The Central Edition is different and more for business use, as it has more features/functionality. There are three versions: Basic, Plus and Premier. The cost varies depending on the number of machines you want to access and the features/add-ons you need. For a look at your options (and the cost), check out the overview page here.

Which One Should You Use?

Ultimately, your choice of remote desktop access solution should be based on a combination of your budget and the features/functions/access you need — and also what you DON’T need. This is worth mentioning, because some IT pros and organizations that purchase TeamViewer and LogMeIn licenses don’t use all of the features that are available to them. Why pay for something you don’t need?

At the same time, we are the first to acknowledge that while we’re very proud of Wayk Now and have received very positive feedback from our community, it doesn’t do — and doesn’t even try to do — everything that TeamViewer Corporate or LogMeIn Pro does.

In other words, Wayk Now Enterprise is not a “TeamViewer Killer” or “LogMeIn Killer”. Those products are great and will be around for a long time. Simply put, Wayk Now is a powerful, secure, flexible, lightweight and affordable alternative. And of course, it’s what we use here every day to provide support to our global community of customers.

If you’d like to explore and evaluate Wayk Now Enterprise, request a free trial here. Or if you’ve already decided that Wayk Now is the solution you need, then you can purchase a license online here, or contact or sales team at for a custom quote.