Whether you call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Chrismukkah — or even if you don’t call it anything at all — for many people, the next few weeks are a great time (and maybe the only time of year) to take an extended break from work, catch up with family and friends, and exchange a gift or two…or 10!

We all know that when it comes to gifts, “it’s the thought that counts”, right? We’re grateful and appreciative whenever someone gives us something, because it means they were thinking about us and that they care. But…well…

OK, let’s just admit it: sometimes we get stuff that makes us go “WOW” for all the wrong reasons. In my gift history, these include things like a Zen water fountain, really ugly shirts, gift cards from stores that I don’t like, a shake weight…and the list goes on.

Of course, sometimes there are gifts that I thought I wouldn’t like, but ended up loving. For example, I don’t think I could live without the rice cooker from my Grandma. But those types of gifts are the exception and not the norm.

Basically, it’s not that hard to figure out: I’m a proud geek, which means that the very best gifts for me will always be geeky vs. non-geeky. And so, to help all of my fellow geeks out there, I’ve put together a list of possible gifts that you can share with family and friends (otherwise you might end up with yet another really ugly shirt!).


Most of us love LEGO, and there’s plenty of LEGO for geeks. Here are my top picks:

If you have other geeky LEGO in mind, please make sure to share it with me and your fellow geeks below!

Pop Figures

I don’t know about you, but I really love Funko Pop Figures! I could make a list of all the figures I like, but it would be a never-ending list because there are simply too many. If I had to pick my all-time favorite (for now), it would be Chewbacca driving in AT-ST. The best thing to do is send people to the website and tell them what you want….or hope they remember.

Geeky Electronic Gadgets

Who can get enough geeky electronic gadgets? It can be anything: a charger, a battery pack, a flash drive…the list goes on. I highly recommend taking a look at ThinkGeek’s supercool electronics and gadgets category! Here are my top picks:

Board Games

Boards games are perfect for having fun with friends and family. If you’re not sure what board games to ask for, or if you’re shopping for a geek on your list, read this article for my favorites, along with tips on how to choose the perfect board game.

Geek Cuisine

Let’s admit that we geeks love food. But do you know what’s even better than food? Geeky-shaped food! To make that dream come true, here are some things you can add to your collection this holiday season:

Geek Wear

I’m not talking about costumes here, but about things that geeks can wear in everyday life, like this awesome Star Wars Bath Robe. For some inspiration, check out Think Geek’s clothing categories here. My favorites include:

Retro Games Emulator

Last but not least, what’s geekier than kicking it old school with some awesome retro games? Great options include:

Your Input

The above are just some geek gift possibilities. There are so many more, and we’re asking you to share your ideas by commenting below. Tell us some of the best geeky gifts that you’ve received, given, dreamed of, or heard about. It’s beginning to look a lot like Geek-mas!