Imagine you’re travelling for work in beautiful Sydney, Australia (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go there…hint hint…), and suddenly in between glasses of Foster’s Lager and putting another shrimp on the barbie, you suddenly realize that the critically important file you need isn’t on your laptop or flash drive: it’s on your desktop back at home!

Fortunately, instead of panicking and begging someone to go into your office at 2:00 a.m., log into your system and send you your file, you can relax because Wayk Now 3.0 now supports a feature that many of you have been waiting for: Unattended Access!

About Unattended Access

Unattended Access allows you to securely access any unattended device that has power and an Internet connection with a simple click (provided, of course, that you have permission to do so).

So, if you’re a SysAdmin, you can now roll out changes to end devices from any location. And if you’re an IT technician, you can provide instant remote support wherever it’s needed — regardless of whether someone is behind the remote computer or not.

Remote Access Security

At Devolutions, we take security VERY seriously, which is why all Wayk Now remote connections are secured with strong TLS 1.2 encryption and certificate validation.

Plus, before establishing a remote connection, Wayk Now automatically checks to see if the proper rights have been assigned to a specific remote device. If proper rights are not validated, then access is denied. This is another layer of protection that helps prevent unauthorized access — or sometimes even accidental snooping.

Give Wayk Now a Try

There is a lot to love about Wayk Now, such as cross-platform compatibility, lightweight installation, and strong enterprise-grade security. But we know that many IT pros haven’t made the switch to Wayk Now because they need unattended access. Well, the wait is over — so why not give Wayk Now a try? It’s FREE for both personal and commercial use. And if you have more advanced needs, Wayk Now Enterprise is very affordable, and available in different license options to fit your needs and budget.

Personally, I am thrilled about Wayk Now 3.0. But to be honest, I’d be even happier if it could teleport me to Sydney. Maybe the engineers can add that in Wayk Now 4.0.!

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