Many IT pros are responsible for tasks that aren’t reflected by their job title. To put this another way: IT pros typically do multiple jobs, although they are only paid for one. Oh well, such is life for a hero. I mean, Deadpool gets the same pay whether he re-attaches a decapitated head or heals a hangnail (maybe he needs a better agent?).

Earlier this month, we asked you to tell us what your job title is vs. what you really do. We’ll get to the poll results in just a minute. First, though, I want to talk about something that I’ve always found fascinating: the myth of multi-tasking.

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

What makes IT pros amazing is that their colleagues and especially their boss (or bosses, because often they have a few of them) simply think they are great at multi-tasking. But multi-tasking is a myth. It is impossible for the human brain to concentrate on two things at the same time.

And so, this means that IT pros who do more than one job have very strong mental discipline and willpower. They can deftly “switch channels” in their heads and do something else with competence and efficiency. In the morning they can be designing a more secure network infrastructure. In the afternoon they can be fixing code. In the evening they can be analyzing reports or helping colleagues in different time zones.

Yes, it can be exhausting at times, and you don’t always get the gratitude and support that you deserve. But never forget that you are the life giving veins of your company. Without you, the office would descend into chaos. Even Deadpool wouldn’t know what to do. And of course, at Devolutions we respect and admire you. You are the heroes we need!

At the same time, it’s probably not fair to blame your colleagues for not truly understanding what you do. Your role isn’t something they can easily comprehend or grasp. Personally, I think that many companies underestimate what they’re going to need from the IT pros they hire. It’s not like they intentionally plan on adding more tasks to their (already-crowded!) to-do list. It just happens over time.

Well, that’s my opinion and observation! Now, let’s get back to the poll:

What You Said

As we had hoped, your responses to our poll question were great and insightful. It was particularly interesting to note that while everyone is doing multiple jobs, nobody seems angry or fed up with their situation. Instead of complaining, you see the added responsibility as a badge of honor — which in a way, it is! I encourage you to read all of the responses — it’s really worth it. For now, here are some randomly-picked responses:

IT Pro: Brent Quick

Job Title: Network & Infrastructure Consultant

Responsibilities: Anything that I am asked to address for clients as long as I can keep my pants on and they pay the bill. Can be implementing a secure air gapped thin-client secure environment with Smart Cards, 802.1x wired security, to how to move pictures from flash drive to PC.

IT Pro: Adam Gilmore

Job Title: IT Manager

Responsibilities: I have to be a manager, a cellular technician, a system administrator, a software developer, a network administrator, along with helping other departments understand how to do their job in our CRM system.

IT Pro: Sylvain Gremion

Job Title: IT Director

Responsibilities: I basically do everything. I’m an IT director, but I do HR, car management, financial analysis, and some cleaning!

Thanks to everyone who participated and for reminding us once again that IT pros are the real MVPs.  We love our community and truly appreciate your input.

And the Winners Are…

As we do each month, we’ve randomly selected two winners of a $25 gift card. Congratulations to Scott Bowling and Eric Nail! Please email me at to claim your prize.

Stay tuned…as the scary October poll will drop tomorrow!