October is here, which means that for many people around the world Halloween is fast approaching. That’s when children wear costumes and go “trick-or-treating” for candy. It’s also when some grown-ups traumatize their children by telling them that they ate all of their Halloween candy. Ouch!

The Celts

Have you ever wondered WHY Halloween is associated with spooky stuff like horror movies and haunted houses? It’s because about 2000 years ago, the Celts believed that October 31 was the day when the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. They celebrated with bonfires, songs and dancing to ward away evil spirits and to usher in the new year (which started the next day, November 1).

The Geeks

Inspired by the ancient Celts, this month we’re asking all glorious geeks to gather around the (virtual) bonfire and reveal the security threat that scares you the most.

We want you to share a chilling tale about your deepest, darkest security-related fear — like coming face-to-face with a massive data breach, privileged accounts that are compromised because end users keep using weak passwords, or a rogue user getting full administrator rights and unleashing hell.

Basically, we want to know what keeps you awake at night: hot, sweaty, shaking, and begging for mercy (no, we don’t mean that time you ate that ultra spicy curry!).

Share and Win

By sharing your fear, you’ll not only feel better (just ask Dr. Phil), you will also have a chance to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards! Plus, you might help other IT pros benefit from your insights and concerns, which is always worthwhile. Hey, we’re all in this together, right?

Thank you in advance for participating, and we’ll post the results and winners at the end of the month.