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[NEW RELEASE] Remote Desktop Manager 14 is Now Available!

New Remote Desktop Manager Update 14

As the calendar shifts to September, people in the Northern Hemisphere are preparing for fall and winter, people in the Southern Hemisphere are preparing for spring and summer, penguins in Antarctica are marching around (to avoid all of the documentary filmmakers), and here at Devolutions we are preparing for what is our favorite season of the year: UPDATE SEASON.

And what better way to get things started by announcing that the much-anticipated version 14 of Remote Desktop Manager is here!

It’s Been a While…

Yes, it’s been a while since we released RDM 13. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve been spending out time playing foosball or increasing our Star Wars knowledge. Since launching RDM 13, we’ve released a whopping 21 updates.

And as you hopefully know, our major updates aren’t small things. Like, if we change the color of a button from dark blue to light blue, we don’t throw an update party and launch a press release. Most of our updates have 100+ additions, improvements and fixes. And if you’d like proof, please check out the RDM Release Notes page. You better bring something to eat and get one of those comfortable ergonomic office chairs, because it’s a long page!

What’s New in RDM 14

There are so many new things in RDM 14, that if I listed them all this blog post would be more like a book. That’s why I asked our Hubert, one of our amazing Remote Desktop Manager Developer Specialists, to highlight his favorites.

According to Hubert, here are just some of the exciting new features that you can look forward to in RDM 14:

  • SQL Azure MFA support
  • New documentation search through pages linked to an entry
  • Azure AD (Office 365) authentication support (Devolutions Password Server required)
  • Improvements for MySQL and MariaDB support now including repository, documentation and favorites
  • New Repository manager role
  • Google Drive now available as a data source
  • New Execute user permission which allows specific users to open an entry
  • New 1Password OPVault & 1Password Web support
  • Integration for Password Safe by Mateso
  • Live edit for FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, Google Drive, S3 storage and Azure Storage now available
  • Pwned password check integration

If you want to see the full list, then once again, I invite you to check out the RDM Release Notes page (and after you’ve finished reading them, you can be glad that you aren’t responsible for updating that page — it’s not an easy job!). You can also learn more about our 10 favorite new enhancements and features by reading Jenny's blog here.

Get Remote Desktop Manager 14 Now

Getting RDM 14 is easy. **Here are your options: **

  • If you have an active RDM Enterprise license, then you’ll be prompted to upgrade to RDM 14 the next time that you log in. If you want to get it right now, then visit:

  • If your RDM Enterprise license has expired, then now is the ideal time to renew! Remember, you get lots of extras, including software maintenance and support. You can purchase a license in our online store or send an email to and our sales team will take care of you.

  • If you’re new to RDM — welcome aboard! You can try RDM 14 Enterprise for 30 days. After that time, if you wish you can purchase a license, or downgrade to RDM Free and continue using it for as long as you wish. You can also request a free trial here.

Unleash the full Power of RDM with Devolutions Password Server

One thing we know at Devolutions, is that IT pros really like it when their tools are centralized. This makes perfect sense, because centralized tools are more efficient. And when work is more efficient, there is more time to take care of tasks — and less chance of having to work overtime (but just in case you do, remember that all of our products have mobile clients, so you can still be productive while sitting on your patio or going to your kid’s soccer game).

I mention this, because one of the best ways to be more efficient is by integrating RDM with Devolutions Password Server (DPS).

  • With Devolutions Password Server, you can easily vault, manage and control access to privileged accounts and business user passwords. Plus, DPS’s web interface is very simple and easy for end users, which is great if some of your colleagues aren’t very “technically literate”. They’ll love using DPS, and you’ll love the enhanced governance and control. Everyone wins!
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