Since the release of Remote Desktop Manager 13.5 back in March, we have added several new features, updates, software fixes, and a generous helping of overall awesomeness. While many of these improvements are behind the scenes, you may have noticed the new look, extra buttons and checkboxes. We have also changed the location of some features to improve efficiency and usability. As always, whenever we release a new version, we update our Release Notes Page so that you can see everything that we have added, improved and fixed.

Now, with this being said, let’s face it: how many of you have the time to read every line on a release notes page — ours or anyone else’s?


Trust me, I get it. Reading them can be reminiscent of scrolling through those famous end-user license agreements that we are all “supposed” to read when installing new software. Now, if you want an example of an interesting EULA, check this one out…

In light of this, here at Devolutions, we want to make your life easier and more efficient. That is why Jessica and I (Yann) have created a new video series called “What’s New” in the Devolutions Studio, which will help you stay up-to-date on important new changes. Since there were A LOT of new features to cover, we selected the most relevant ones and organized them by category. Below is a summary of each video along with a handy little player containing our YouTube Playlist.

What's New in Remote Desktop Manager

To view the playlist on YouTube click here.

Summary of Videos:

1. Updates in Data Source Settings
  • You can now select from a template list when creating an entry.
  • New data source permissions give administrators more control on the tools users can access.
  • We reorganized the Data Source Settings window to visually separate content more clearly. It’s now easier for you to find what you’re looking for.
2. New General Application Changes
  • We improved our interface by moving many of our tools to the “More Tools” button.
  • RDM no longer requires dependencies to C++ runtime during installation.
  • The latest releases of RDM now run in 64-bit mode by default.
  3. Enhanced Searching and Viewing
  • You can now easily search for content in your documentation tabs.
  • You can now quickly see all of your open remote sessions at-a-glance with the new Thumbnail Overview.
  4. Extra Offline Mode Options
  • We added the “Prompt for password before going offline” option to three new data sources: SQL Server, MySQL & Maria DB.
  • Sysadmins can now limit access to specific folders in offline mode.
  5. New Functions for Credential Properties
  • Inherited credentials are now fetched and displayed in the Overview Tab of remote sessions.
  • We removed the “Open (Prompt for credentials)” option from “Open With Parameters” entries. This option can be toggled on/off as desired.
  • You can now prompt users to enter a comment upon viewing/copying a credential.
  6. Updated Wayk Now Options
  • We added a Wayk Now button in tools for quick access to the app.
  • We created an area for a chat option in the Wayk Now embedded window.
  7. Enhanced Repository Features
  • We added a convenient new repository drop down for switching between multiple repositories.
  • Entries that are marked as "favorites" are now accessible between all your repositories.
  8. New Convert to Password List Function
  • We added a new "special action" called Convert to Password List, which allows you to combine multiple credentials into one entry.
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