Last month, we asked you to share your key factors when evaluating and purchasing new software. The responses were very interesting, and they generated a lot of discussion and debate here at Devolutions HQ.

Obviously, each IT pro has a distinct purchasing framework that is based on their specific and unique needs, goals, budget, company environment, and other variables. What we’re saying is that no two IT pros are 100% alike (and if you want proof of this, stick a bunch of IT pros in a room and have them try to unanimously pick the most interesting Game of Thrones character…it can’t be done!).

Yet with this in mind, when it comes to buying software, our poll highlighted that there are some top buying priorities that are common to many IT pros. Here are three of the main ones:

  • Problem solving: IT pros are natural-born problem solvers, and so it’s easy to understand why they want their software purchases to, well, SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS! But even more importantly, IT pros know that in order to find the right solution, they must first clearly identify and analyze the problems and root causes.
  • ROI: Most of the time, the person in charge of a purchase decision wants to know the ROI — which makes sense. Otherwise, the software will not be financially sustainable or justifiable, regardless of how good it might be at solving problems. Calculating the ROI for some software solutions is difficult, but for others it’s quite easy. For example, one way to calculate the ROI of Remote Desktop Manager is simply by multiplying the time saved by the hourly labor cost.
  • Implementation: How many times have organizations purchased software, only to face implementation obstacles — or sometimes nightmares? This happens all the time, and it usually comes down to one of two reasons: 1) vendors don’t tell customers that their product is time consuming, complex and costly to implement; or 2) vendors want to sell expensive professional services in addition to the software itself! IT pros are wise to do their research in order to fully understand what implementation is going to be like. Otherwise, instead of rewarding, the experience and investment will be regrettable.

For a full recap of the responses, please check out the poll page and browse through the comments. We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and for making this one of the most interesting and stimulating polls we’ve ever had.

The Winners

Last but certainly not least: it’s time to announce the two lucky winners of a $25 Amazon gift card! Congratulations to Chris Thibeau and Brian Krontz! Please contact me to claim your prize and start shopping.

Didn’t win? Don’t worry — Obi Wan Kenobi is not your only hope. The September poll is dropping tomorrow. Stay tuned!