Remember the classic hit track “Video Killed the Radio Star”? (OK, I might be revealing my age with that reference.) Well, many unhappy members of the Apple community are singing — make that wailing — version 2.0 of that song: “Mac Killed the Back to My Mac”.

About Back to My Mac

In case you’re unfamiliar with this product, Back to My Mac allowed Mac owners to connect multiple Macs, and basically create a network of Macs that could easily be accessed remotely for things like screen sharing and file transfer. Yet, despite its popularity and usefulness, Apple recently announced that Back to My Mac will be discontinued in macOS Mojave.

Why did Apple do this? Apparently, it’s because they want people to use iCloud Drive or Apple Remote Desktop app for screen sharing, file transfers and remote access.
We Love Apple (Most of the Time)

Now, we have nothing against Apple. In fact, we love Apple (and Apple users). That’s why Remote Desktop Manager for Mac isn’t just a port of the Windows version. It’s native, designed specifically for Mac. In fact, RDM was recently featured as one of the top 15 Remote Desktop Software solutions for Mac by

With that being said, our honest opinion is: seriously?!? We live in the age of efficiency and “doing more with less.” In many ways, Steve Jobs is the father of this trend. So why is Apple forcing people to use two products to achieve what a single product already did? It doesn’t make sense!

Or…maybe it does. Back to My Mac was free, but Apple Remote Desktop costs $79 (even though it hasn’t been updated since February 2017!). Apple should be rewarding users for their loyalty, not asking them to pull out their credit card (or launch the Apple Pay app).

Wayk Now to the Rescue!
If you’re one of the many Apple users who are unhappy about the death of Back to My Mac, then we have some good news: Wayk Now is here for you! 

Wayk Nowis our remote access solution that lets you either take control of a remote computer, or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. It’s a lightweight desktop and mobile app with powerful, yet easy-to-use features like file transfer, multi monitor management, clipboard sharing and more. And it’s FREE for both personal and commercial use!We think Steve Jobs would approve.

At the same time, teams that need more sophisticated features can upgrade to Wayk Now Enterprise, which is available via affordable and flexible licensing options.

The Bottom Line

As the old saying goes: when one door closes, another opens. You may be saying goodbye to Back to My Mac, but we invite you to say hello to Wayk Now. You just might even discover that it’s superior — plus we’re constantly adding new features, making it even better, every day.

Ready to give Wayk Now a try? Click here to download it now.