As you hopefully know, we recently launched the much-anticipated version 2.0 of Wayk Now, our instant remote support and remote desktop solution. To say that the tool has come a long way since its initial release in November 2016 is a massive understatement! It has grown by leaps and bounds. Full credit goes to our amazing Wayk Now Development Team, and of course, to the wonderful users who have shared their feedback.

And speaking of feedback: I thought it would be interesting to highlight 5 reasons IT pros are choosing Wayk Now using their own words:

It’s Easy to Use
  • “It is VERY easy to use and does the job!” – Cary Wagner
  • “This is one of the most wonderful pieces of software I have ever seen. It is so awesome and makes my life easier.” – Shiam Beeharry
  • “Simple and easy to use!” – Thomas Clarke

We’ve worked really hard to build a robust solution that is also easy to use. In fact, one of the guiding principles for our development team has been: “The UI needs to be so simple that even your grandmother could use it.”

It’s FREE for Both Personal and Commercial Use

“Best free, no ads remote assistance support tool hands down.” – Chris Thibeault

Many businesses need a reliable and functional remote support and remote desktop solution. So why doesn’t every business have one!? Because the marketplace essentially offers 2 types of products: free tools that are basic and limited, and advanced tools that are cost-prohibitive for many SMBs. We wanted Wayk Now to fill the gap, which is why it’s FREE for both personal and commercial use.


“I've found Wayk Now to be a fast, easy, and high-quality remote connection product! I'm a big fan!” – Ben Liebowitz

“I find it very useful and stable. It does what I need it to do.” – François Fournier

One thing about IT pros that vendors forget (at their peril) is that they are NOT swayed by fluff and hype. In fact, they hate it with a passion. We understand this, because we’re IT pros too. And that’s why we had no doubt that if Wayk Now wasn’t reliable, then nobody would use it (nor should they!). This doesn’t mean we don’t need to make improvements or fix bugs. But it does mean that we don’t release any products unless we rigorously test them and use them ourselves.


“What I like most about Wayk Now is its portability and small installer size. You execute it and use it without setbacks, and in seconds you are solving the problem instead of going through screen after screen of an installation process.” – Daniel Casañas

The other really important thing about tools these days is that bulky and bloated is out, and lightweight and streamlined is in. I mean, who wants to hang around for 30 minutes waiting for needlessly complicated software to download and install?

That’s why we made Wayk Now as lightweight as possible. You can download it in a few seconds, and it only needs about 2MB. Plus, it doesn’t have to be installed on a computer to work. All you need is for the other party (i.e. the end user who is in distress) to double click on the app and enter a 6-character ID. Like I said, even your grandmother could use it.

It’s Actually a Good Alternative

“I began to use it in Beta. At that time, I thought: This tool is as good as TeamViewer. Now I use it and I may say that this tool is easier to use than TeamViewer!” – Germano da Cunha Diogo Saffier

There are some good solutions in the marketplace, including popular tools like LogMeIn, TeamViewer and Bomgar. But many IT pros don’t use all of the features and options, and find themselves asking: “Why am I paying for stuff that I don’t use?” We created Wayk Now as a legitimate, enterprise-grade alternative. So if you’re happy with your current tool (and happy with the price tag), that’s great: keep using it! But if you want to explore what could be a better option — and certainly a more affordable one — then we invite you to give Wayk Now a try.

Plus, you can see how Wayk Now stacks up against LogMeIn, TeamViewer and Bomgar by checking out a head-to-head comparison created by my colleague Jenny. You can start here.

Please Keep Sending Your Feedback

At Devolutions, we rely on your feedback to help us make Wayk Now — and all of our other products and services — better. And what is “better”? It’s simple: it’s what helps IT pros like you work more securely, efficiently and simply. Please share your thoughts by commenting below, posting in our forum, or emailing me directly.