Hi everyone,

Today is another great day here at Planet Devolutions, because we get to meet a wonderful new team member! Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our Support Specialist team, Samuel Laurin!

[By the way, here are the many ways to contact our support team if you need any help!]

I recently chatted with Samuel to learn about his experiences and interests — and I was thrilled to discover that, like me, he’s a big fan of board games. Here is what we discussed (in between a few games of “Hand of the King”:

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I studied IT at Centre de formation professionnelle des Riverains, which is near Montreal. Prior to that I studied 3D modeling, which I switched to programming. I enjoy learning all that I can about the IT world.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

I’d say that my biggest achievement was, as I just mentioned, making the decision to switch from studying 3D modeling to studying programming. It was a big change, and turned out to be highly successful for me professionally as well as personally.

What was it about Devolutions that made you want to work here?

Devolutions has a very good reputation, and when I visited here for the first time I was amazed at the positive energy. I was blown away by how different things are here. Different in a good way, of course!

What would you say are your top three strengths at work?

First, I have excellent concentration, and play close attention to what I’m doing. Second, I’m a fast learner. Third, I’m passionate about what I do.

What tasks do you carry out in your job?

Right now, my primary focus is on working with our Quality Assurance team to hunt down bugs. I’m also learning all about our products, and will soon join our Support Team full-time.

What is your impression of working here?

It’s fascinating to learn so much about our products, especially RDM and Wayk Now. I really love the energy of the company.

What goals would you like to achieve at Devolutions?

I want to develop my programming skills, as well as establish my professional reputation in the IT field and among my colleagues and peers.

On a personal note, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy gaming, board and card games, cooking, and a few sports.

Please share a few words with our community of IT pros:

I am very grateful for the warm welcome that I’ve received so far, and am looking forward to working with such a great team!