OK, so maybe you don’t have various IT certifications and degrees. But that doesn’t mean you can’t remotely access your PC to grab a file that you need, assist your uncle in retrieving some long-lost information, or help your grandmother get rid of those annoying pop-ups.

What I’m saying is that you don’t have to be tech wizard to become a REMOTE ACCESS ROCK STAR. You can access any PC remotely from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone/tablet. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Get Wayk Now

Wayk Now is our, powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use remote access tool. Just download it from either the App Store or Google Play and install it on your mobile device to get started.

You or the person you are helping will also have to download the desktop version of Wayk Now.

You should know that Wayk Now is free for both personal and commercial use. And when I say free, I don’t mean free with a bunch of ads free, or free with a nag screen telling you to make a credit card payment free, or free unless you want to actually want to use a feature free. I mean FREE free.

If you want to use Wayk Now in a business environment to help end users and customers, you may want to explore Wayk Now Enterprise, which offers a richer set of features and is available via license. You can compare both editions here.

Step 2: Get the Login Credentials

Next, have the person you want to help double-click the Wayk Now .EXE file to launch the tool. There is nothing to install (which is great news for your grandmother…and for you!). Ask them to provide two pieces of information: the source ID and the system-generated password.

Step 3: Launch Wayk Now on Your Mobile Device

Launch Wayk Now on your mobile device, put the session ID into the search bar, and tap “search.” You can also tap on the “+” on the bottom right, which will allow you to bookmark the other person’s name and ID for faster access in the future.

Step 4: Connect to the Remote PC

Wayk Now will connect to the PC and ask you if you trust the device. Since your grandmother is awesome, you can click on “Always Trust” (make sure you tell her, since it will make her happy).

However, if you’re accessing the PC of someone you don’t know all that well — and who doesn’t bake the world’s best chocolate chip muffins — then it’s probably wiser to tap “Trust Once” (hey, these days it pays to be extra careful!). Then, enter the password and tap “log in.”

Note: For security purposes, Wayk Now generates a new unique password for each remote access session. However, if you wish to override this function, you can tap “Remember my credentials” and use the same one for each session by changing the password security setting from ‘’Generated’’ to ‘’Custom’’ (File>Option>Security>Password Type). We don’t recommend doing this, but the option is there in case you wish to do so.


And that’s all! You’ll have access to the remote computer to get your files or to help out a relative, friend, or colleague. You’ll be an IT hero, and people will write fan fiction about your glorious deeds.

Bonus: Wayk Now Mobile Commands

The Wayk Now mobile interface ribbon is simple and intuitive to use. Here’s a quick overview of the layout from left to right:

  • 1: Keyboard
  • 2: Keyboard F Keys and basic computer keyboard keys that are missing on the mobile keyboard
  • 3: Activate/Deactivate Mouse Control
  • Ctrl, Alt, Shift (simply tap and hold)
  • Windows Logo: Open the Windows Menu
  • 4: Switch Between Remote Desktop Sessions
  • 5: More Options Menu:
    • Access Control
    • Switch Display
    • File Transfer
    • Clipboard Sharing
    • Disconnect
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