“Imagine a world where all of the things your users do can be managed in one place, and call that island Devolutions.”

- Brian Krontz, Senior Windows System Administrator, Conduent

Client Snapshot: Conduent

Conduent is the world's largest provider of business process services, with a workforce of over 93,000 employees. The company’s legal and compliance services division, Conduent Legal and Compliance Solutions, provides technology-enabled expertise in electronic discovery, analytics, legal support and compliance. With data centers throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, Conduent combines local knowledge and capabilities with global reach.

Conduent’s Key Challenges

Conduent’s IT team manages over 2,000 servers, machines and devices. However, their previous session management software was triggering key challenges including:

  • Tools were difficult to use and lacked required functionality.
  • End users who needed session management tools to do their production work were getting frustrated, and venting their anger at the IT team.
  • Security was not tight enough and the IT team could not see what users were doing, what they were exposed to, and what they should be able to access.

Conduent tried to solve these challenges using various software tools, such as Remote Desktop Connection Manager, RD Tabs, Royal TS, and VisionApp. However, their session management problems remained, and end user frustration was increasing.

Conduent’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Conduent’s senior Windows system administrator, Brian Krontz, continued looking for a complete solution. When he discovered Remote Desktop Manager he sent an email — and Devolutions’ CEO David Hervieux replied. Reflects Brian: “I was pretty blown away when the CEO answered a sales email. And not only that, but he and other Devolutions executives still answer emails. Wow.”

Conduent’s IT team implemented Remote Desktop Manager six years ago, and they continue to enjoy results that include:

  • A total increase in productivity. Instead of end users trying to figure out what they’re doing next and having a confusing mix of sessions open, everything is organized, embedded and fast.
  • Performing batch edits, which saves a significant amount of time given that Conduent has numerous sessions that require user-specific modifications.
  • Attaching documents to entries, thanks to RDM’s strong SQL integration.
  • Fine-tuning user experience — and mitigating potential user damage — by setting tight security at the user, group and role levels.
  • Using macros, scripts and tools — which is particularly useful for continuous pings when rebooting machines.
Brian Krontz on his organization’s decision to choose Remote Desktop Manager:

“Lawyers are demanding — and insanely expensive — so the faster production moves, the better off everyone is. I feel like RDM is a critical part of our company’s story. The ability to keep people focused on the end zone kept my sanity in check and our success driven. RDM simplifies everything. If you’re overthinking a purchase, you could probably use a little simplicity in your life.”