As you probably know, SysAdmin Day is fast approaching. And in celebration of this special occasion, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the reasons why SysAdmins don’t just make great co-workers, but also great life partners.

Supreme Problem Solvers

Every relationship has its challenges. SysAdmins are natural problem solvers who sometimes can’t sleep until they figure something out. So, whether your issue is nosy in-laws (yikes) or that you can’t stream your favorite shows because “someone” is always playing Fortnite and draining the bandwidth, don’t worry: your beloved SysAdmin will make sure it’s not a problem.

Keen Learners

If you bring a SysAdmin into your life, you’ll never get stuck in a routine because they’re keen — or make that obsessive — learners. They’re always looking for new things to understand and explore. Being with a SysAdmin means being with someone who won’t quit: they’ll learn and adapt.

Highly Intelligent

SysAdmins are an intelligent bunch! If you find yourself in a conversation with one, you’d best be prepared. They can be quiet for long periods of time, but when they get passionate or interested in a topic — look out! They can happily talk for hours. Here are some of their favorite topics to debate.


SysAdmins demonstrate a superior amount of patience in their day-to-day lives, whether they are hunting down a bug in their code, or trying to beat their high score in pinball (and when they finally achieve that goal, they start over again!). And as we all know, patience is extremely important in a healthy relationship.


Last but certainly not least, SysAdmins are very loyal to their family, friends, colleagues and of course, their life partner. Unlike some people, they generally don’t bounce around from one thing (or one person!) to another. They are in it for the long-term, and once you earn their trust and vice versa, there is almost nothing that they don’t do for you.

Spread the Love: Part 1

We’d love to hear your views on why SysAdmins make great life partners. Please comment below. Who knows? You may spark a love connection, geek-style.

Spread the Love Part 2:

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