May is surely the geekiest month of the year. There is May the Fourth (be with you, always) and Geek Pride Day on May 25th. This year, our wonderful CEO David treated the Devolutions team to a private movie theater showing of Solo: A Star Wars Movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you. All I’ll say is that you need to see NOW — like in 12 parsecs or less. It’s amazing! We also got in on the Geek Pride Day festivities by offering Wayk Now Enterprise and Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise for half the price. If you missed this offer, don’t worry. Sysadmin Day is coming up in July (hint!). Plus, as you Sysadminotaur fans know, we published a special series of comics, and Patrick added a new member to the gang: Kali, the Cyber Security Specialist.
Now Back to the Poll…
To further celebrate May’s geekiness, we dialed up the fun in our May Poll by asking you to share a photo of your workstation. Honestly, we weren’t sure whether this poll idea would be a hit or a miss. We know that our community enjoys sharing things like YouTube videos, whether they’re a PC or Mac fan, and so on. But would people take the time out of their busy day to snap and upload a picture of their workstation? The happy answer to that is YES! We were thrilled with the response, and love that there is a diversity of layouts among the community. For example: Albert has a simple, sleek and streamlined workstation:
Jonathan Ralph has a great 4-monitor setup, and can gaze upon his lovely lab filled with 8 PCs:
Nathan S. has a cool laptop docked with a 1 x 30" and 2 x 24" setup:
Jeff Naylor has an awesome command center that rivals an air traffic control tower:
Kanan Dume’s workstation is illuminated by the warm glowing warming glow of his two monitors and docked laptop, and what looks like R2D2 behind his keyboard (where did you get that, Kanan? I want one!):
Bill Bowling is THE MAN because it looks as though the other half of his office is a man cave (hey Bill, are those Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles’ jerseys on your wall?):
Ben Liebowitz has a great 2-monitor setup + a Sysadminotaur shrine:
And the Winners Are…

I first want to thank everyone that participated in the poll and shared their comments and votes. And now for the two randomly-selected winners of a $25 Think Geek gift card: congratulations to Jeff Naylor and Johnny ~R! I will contact you soon to send your prize, or you can email me directly at

That’s all for this month everyone. Stay tuned the June poll…it’s just around the corner!

If you haven't yet, show us YOUR workstation in the comments!