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Petri IT Knowledgebase White Paper: Overcoming Remote Desktop Challenges with Remote Desktop Manager

Overcoming Remote Desktop Challenges Petri IT

In today’s technology-driven corporate environment, IT pros typically need to manage many different remote physical and virtual systems that reside locally, off-site, and in the cloud.

However, while managing remote desktops is an essential daily task, it also presents some difficult challenges, such as:

  • Managing and organizing dozens, hundreds or thousands of remote connections.
  • Protecting remote connections with robust enterprise-level security.
  • Connecting to heterogeneous hosts across the entire IT infrastructure.

In collaboration with Petri IT Knowledgebase, we are pleased to provide you with this complimentary on-demand white paper that explores how to overcome each of these challenges.

Download it here:

Moreover, there's a live webinar on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 1PM Eastern presented by Michael Otey, president of TECA, and moderated by Brad Sams, Executive Editor for & In this webinar you will learn what is and how to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan), its strengths and weaknesses as well as its alternative: Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager.

Register here:

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