The amount of information and entertainment available right now on the Internet is amazing. Have you ever wondered which words in English don’t have rhymes? There’s a Wikipedia page for that! And if your boss just came by and asked you to work late tonight, and maybe on the weekend too, it might be time to turn your speakers up, head to this website, and click the big blue button.

And then there’s the wild world of YouTube. Seriously, if you can think of a topic, there’s probably a YouTube video – or maybe a channel – devoted to it. As a random sampling, there are actually videos about:

Of course, there’s plenty of practical and educational stuff on YouTube, and I highlighted some of them in my article, “5 YouTube Channels to Learn and Adapt in the IT World”. Plus, you can always boost your knowledge of our products by visiting the Devolutions’ official YouTube channel.

And all of this brings us to this month’s poll question: Who is your favorite YouTuber or YouTube channel?

It could be anyone — an IT pro, a vlogger, a famous celebrity, a streamer…it’s up to you. And if you have more than one favorite YouTuber, that’s great. Please list them all. You can also add a few words about why you like them, which might convince others to check them out.

In Related News…

Speaking of great videos, here at Devolutions we’re working on a brand new audio and video recording studio, which we’ll be using to produce high quality videos and webinars. It’s really exciting, and we’ll use your responses to get a sense of what you like and find interesting.

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