Cybersecurity requires time, energy and money. Yes, it’s a lot, but what you get from the investment is well worth it. Here are the 4 reasons you and everyone else in your organization should care about strong cybersecurity:

Strong Cybersecurity Protects Customers

Your customers trust you to securely handle and store their personal and confidential information. But many of them aren’t going to stay loyal or sing your praises if that information falls into the wrong hands. According to a survey by Vanson Bourne, 70% of customers say they’ll stop doing business with a company after a single data breach. Indeed, the reputation damage can last years, and it might even be permanent.

Strong Cybersecurity Protects Employees

Just like customers, employees trust their organization to securely store their personal data, including their address, bank account information, Social Security Number, income tax information, and so on. Helping them see the wisdom of protecting themselves and their colleagues might (finally!) convince some employees to start following all of the established password policies.

Strong Cybersecurity Is the Law

A data breach could mean more than losing customers and market share: it could also result in costly fines and lawsuits. Each country has its own laws governing cybersecurity obligations. Here are some of them:

Strong Cybersecurity Is Ethical

So far, we have looked at strategic reasons why strong cybersecurity makes sense. But even if nothing financial was at stake, the fact remains that investing in this area is fundamentally the right thing to do. Otherwise, cyber criminals, hackers and other bad actors would win, and everyone else would lose.

What About Your Organization?

What are some of the reasons your organization invests in strong cybersecurity? And what are some of the tools and technologies you have in place — or are planning to add? Please share your views in the comment section.