Hi everyone. We’re switching things up this month: instead of our usual poll question, we’re having a fun contest — and the lucky winner will enjoy a $100 Amazon gift card!

Before getting to the contest details, here’s the brief back story:

Since the dawn of Remote Desktop Manager, our focus has been on creating a versatile and secure all-in-one tool to help IT pros centralize and manage all of their remote connections and privileged passwords. And here we are years later — with over 330,000 users — and our focus is the same.

However, over the years, many users (especially Help Desk Technicians and Sysadmins) have asked if we offer a remote connection and remote desktop tool. For most of our history, our answer to that was “sorry, we don’t.”

But then we started running into an obstacle: vendors that created good remote connection and remote desktop tools kept changing their code and would only let us access a minimal part of it. This was fine for them, but it was creating major headaches for us. And so, we decided to create our very own solution, and that paved the way for Wayk Now: our very own flexible, affordable, secure, easy-to-use and lightweight remote desktop access solution. Wayk Now 2.0 now let access a remote computer on both LAN and over the Internet for peer-to-peer connection. 

Now that you’re all caught up on the background, here’s the contest information:

As you may know, last month we sent out a call for Wayk Now 2.0 Beta testers. The response was incredible, and we had to turn many people away — simply because we needed to keep things fairly small to start. But now we’re thrilled to announce that the official release is now live, and we’d like YOU to give it a try and tell us what you think.

Wayk Now is free for both personal and commercial use. You can download it now here to enter the contest.

Here’s what to do:

  • Step 1: Download Wayk Now 2.0 here.
  • Step 2: Give Wayk Now 2.0 a try.
  • Step 3: Leave a comment below based on your impressions.

And that’s it! You’ll be automatically entered to win the glorious $100 Amazon gift card (which is like winning 4 regular monthly polls! Plus, your feedback will help us make Wayk Now a better product.

Share the News

If you like Wayk Now and find it useful, then we’d love for you to share the news with your colleagues and network. Remember: Wayk Now is free for personal use (and always will be) and free for testing purposes. Plus, there are affordable license options for business use.

What’s on the Radar

Back in January, our CEO David Hervieux published the Wayk Now Road Map — and so far, everything is right on schedule. Here’s a look at what’s ahead:

February: Wayk Now 2.0

After months of hard work by our Wayk Now development team, we are happy to say that Wayk Now 2.0 Beta is now over and that the official version is now available! Key new features include:

  • NAT traversal (WebRTC)
  • High-DPI
Summer 2018: Wayk Den On-Premises

Our new on-premises Wayk Now server called “Wayk Den” should be ready by the end of the summer. Stay tuned for more information.

October: Wayk Now 3.0

What’s better than one major update to Wayk Now in 2018? Yes, that’s right: TWO of them! Version 3 should be ready in October, and will feature:

  • Unattended mode
  • Session recording
  • Chat
Thanks for Participating

We hope you enjoy this month’s contest. Even if you don’t win the $100, you may find a useful addition to your IT toolbox that will save you time and effort (and stress) in your job. Thank you and we’ll announce the lucky winner next month!