In February, we asked you if your organization uses or needs password management software. As we had hoped, there were many responses and a lot of informative comments.

The Results

Most of you are using password management software because you know how vital strong security is to protect your machines and data — and to preserve your sanity! Based on the responses, KeePass is the most popular tool, but there were others mentioned as well, including:

The Search

Some of you mentioned that you’re in the process of searching for a good password management solution:

  • Community member Sam Majam: “WE’RE THINKING ABOUT IT. We are currently exploring Passwordstate. We use it within our team, but are looking into extending its use to other teams/departments. So ease of use, auditing and assigning access levels are important.” (Have you considered Devolutions Server, Sam? It’s a comprehensive password manager that fully integrates with RDM)
  • Community member Tom Higgins: “We need it. I just moved to a new company and they have nothing that I know of. I am just trying to find the right people to talk to before I push the RDM-for-everyone idea.” (You may find this article helpful, Tom!)
  • Community member Edwin: “We definitely need a good pm because I explode each time I find a written-down password. And if you work at my spot you will know what happens when I lose my pwd security temper.” (Oh boy, we know how you feel Edwin – trust us!)
  • Community member CyberInferno: “We are in the process of changing company policy to require a password vault of the end user's choosing. We will be disabling password saving in all browsers as part of that effort. We considered springing for an enterprise password management system, but we decided we're not quite to that point yet. And we have had instances of users storing their passwords in bafflingly insecure ways.” (If by “bafflingly insecure” you also mean using spreadsheets, then you’re 100 percent correct CyberInferno!”)
Password System Sysadminotaur
The Winners (Part 1)

The big winner here is all of you who wisely use a password management solution to protect your valuable — or make that invaluable — data and reputations. You also make the digital world a safer place for your colleagues and co-workers. No, they may not understand the technical aspects. They might not even thank you. But you’re the last, best defense against cyber criminals, and we salute you!

The Winners (Part 2)

And now for the Amazon gift card winners….drum roll, please…Congratulations BRNDMG and Thomas Clarke! Please send me an email at to receive your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the February poll. Stay tuned, the March poll is on the way!