Big news everyone: after months of developing and testing, I’m delighted to announce that Wayk Now 2.0 is now available! You can download it here:

What’s Wayk Now?

If you’re unfamiliar with Wayk Now, it’s our flexible, lightweight and secure remote desktop and remote support solution. Wayk Now is free for both personal and commercial use.

We are also thrilled to announce that we're launching an Enterprise edition of Wayk Now that features exciting features as:

  • Multi Concurrent Sessions
  • Remote Execution
  • Wayk Den On-Premise Support (Coming Soon)
  • Unattended Access (Coming Soon)
  • Technical Support

Wayk Now Enterprise is much more affordable than comparable tools in the marketplace. To get a custom quote for your organization, please contact our inside sales team by emailing:

You can also try Wayk Now Enterprise for 30-days. After that time, you can purchase a license, or continue using the Free version for as long as you wish. Request a free trial here.

What’s New? 

Wayk Now has come a long, long way since launching in late 2016 — and the biggest and best improvement is that you can now use Wayk Now to access a remote computer outside your network!

There are plenty of other great additions and enhancements, including:

  • Added support for Wayk Den for peer-to-peer connectivity over the Internet
  • Added experimental feature on Windows to prevent RDP black screen
  • Added Windows 10 white-style notification area icon
  • Improved certificate validation timing during TLS handshake
  • Improved stability of local network name resolving protocols
  • Replaced built-in PNG library with libpng for faster loading of embedded images
  • Restructured and improve robustness of remote execution on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Restructured explicit menus in Windows instead of "hidden" title bar menu

Our Wayk Now development team also took care of various fixes, including some that were spotted by our brilliant Beta testers (thank you!). These include:

  • Fixed client side scrolling in Windows with multiple screens
  • Disabled the prompt for permission on clients when the setting applies to the server only
  • Fixed slow Linux performance and incorrect rendering when zoomed
  • Fixed macOS file transfer window issue when in full-screen mode
  • Fixed macOS saving preference issue when closing the application
  • Fixed multiple issues with Unicode path handling in Windows
  • Fixed intermittent freeze when closing Wayk Now from Windows taskbar
  • Fixed Windows text fields that incorrectly displayed as password fields
  • Removed client-side rendering of blue cursor to track server mouse position

For a full list of what’s new, improved and fixed, please see the Wayk Now change history.

What’s Ahead? 

Back in January, our CEO David Hervieux published the Wayk Now Road Map — and so far, we’re pretty much on schedule. Here’s a look at what’s ahead:

Summer 2018: Wayk Den On-Premises

Our new on-premise Wayk Now server “Wayk Den” should be ready by the end of summer. Stay tuned for more information.

October: Wayk Now 3.0

Although Wayk Now 2.0 isn’t even a day old, we’re already working on v3.0, which should be dropping in October. Here are some of the awesome new features we have planned:

  • Unattended mode
  • Session recording
  • Chat

We’ll post updates in the coming weeks and months. And as always, you can be sure that we’ll never officially release an unfinished and untested product. Your user experience is far more important than our internal goals.

Send Us Your Feedback

I hope that you enjoy using Wayk Now 2.0. If you find it useful, please spread the word so that your colleagues and others in your professional and personal networks can benefit. We’d also love to receive your feedback. Please post your comments below, or connect with other users and our team in the forum here.