I was thrilled when I learned that my colleague Joey – who is a really good guy and has taught me so much since I started working here — won an employee contest we have here at Devolutions. What was his prize? A house for a week in warm and sunny Florida!

But can you imagine what I felt when Joey asked ME to join him on his odyssey? Honestly, I was speechless, and eternally grateful to escape Quebec’s winter. Hey, I enjoy winter as much as anyone, but it has been colder here at times than the North Pole (seriously, I’m not exaggerating).

While Joey and I had an awesome time everywhere we went, there were three destinations in particular that stood out: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Clearwater Beach.

Walt Disney World

Who said Walt Disney World was just for kids? From the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to the Toy Story Midway Mania, we had a lot of fun.

But since we’re a couple of hard core Star Wars geeks (we each scored perfect on the Star Wars quiz), nothing beat the sheer amazingness of the Star Wars attractions! Escaping the empire in a spaceship was a surreal experience, and the behind-the-scenes video about the future of the Star Wars saga was simply overwhelming.

Another attraction that we really liked was the Flight of Passage at Pandora. It was like flying on the back of a bird, but on an alien planet — and instead of a bird it was a banshee. It’s impossible to describe the feeling. You simply have to do it to understand how amazing this ride is.

Universal Studios

As movie nerds, Joey and I were also really looking forward to visiting Universal Studios — and we weren’t disappointed! This place is amazing for movie lovers. There was stuff about Men in Black, E.T., Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and more. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are honestly…magic! And there were muggles and wizards wandering around Gringotts, Ollivanders and Poudlard; and all without needing to use their wands to activate spells and stuff. There are also plenty of great rides at Universal Studios. Some of our favorites included Skull Island, Transformers, Spider-Man, Men in Black, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, as well as the Escape from Gringotts. Yes, we had a blast!

Clearwater Beach

After so many days of walking around and going on rides, we needed to dial things down and chill out — and that’s when we headed to world famous Clearwater Beach. The sun, the sand, the waves…it was a slice of heaven. And yes, everyone back here at Devolutions was jealous because they had to face the snow, ice and cold. Ah, the good life!

Is Florida in Your Future?

We don’t work for the Florida tourism industry, but we must say that if you’re thinking of taking a trip with friends or family, then Florida is definitely worth visiting. There’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for any more tips based on my experience, please email me at dsthilaire@devolutions.net. It would be my pleasure to help you. And just to let you know, instead of a hotel how about renting the Devolutions' house!

Where Next?

Do you have a favorite vacation destination? Where would you suggest we go on our next adventure? Please comment below and we’ll look into it!