Over the years, we’ve always tried to achieve a critical balance with Remote Desktop Manager (RDM).

On the one hand, we focus on making RDM intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use. We know that you need to work fast, and we know how valuable your time is.

On the other hand, we never lose sight of the fact that RDM is built by IT pros for IT pros. Of course, over the years, we also noticed that more and more non-technical professionals also started to use RDM on daily basis to store their credentials — and we think it's just great! But remember that the essence of RDM is to serve the sophisticated needs of IT pros. Don't get me wrong, I think that sharing RDM with your non-technical colleagues is a great idea , but be aware that there's an alternative.

Why do I bring this up? Because, as I just stated, some of you may have end users who don’t work in an IT role, but use RDM for their password security needs. As such, they may not be in love with RDM. Sure, you can create entries in your sleep. But your non-technical colleagues may struggle just to create credential entries. And when they struggle, they cause you to struggle too! Isn’t it wonderful to be the life-giving veins of your company?

So, when your non-technical colleagues struggle, you have yet another problem to solve: you need them to understand RDM’s tools and password management features, but getting them there is an uphill battle.

Plus, keep in mind that Remote Desktop Manager is packed with a lot of features that your HR  representative or salesman might not need to use at all! In addition to the large number of features that RDM offers, let's not forget about all the information that they should not be able to access. In most cases, you should probably not give them access to a great majority of entries you created in RDM.

Fortunately for everyone involved, there’s a ready-made solution: Devolutions Password Server (DPS)!

Devolutions Password Server

While both RDM and Devolutions Password Server are easy-to-use, relatively speaking, non-technical users are going to have a simpler experience with Devolutions Password Server. There are a few basic reasons for this:

  • Easy-to-Use Browser Interface

Users access Devolutions Password Server through an easy-to-use and intuitive browser interface. They don’t need to have RDM installed on their computer.

  • Simple and Streamlined UX

You can easily control/change permission levels for individuals and groups. For example, you can allow members of your human resources team to create and manage passwords while still restricting access to remote connections and sensitive data. This makes the UX simpler and more streamlined (since they only see/access information that is relevant to them).  It’s also safer for your organization.

  • Active Directory Integration

Devolutions Password Server integrates with Active Directory. Users accessing the system will be granted permissions based on their membership in specific AD groups, which makes user management almost seamless. Your users don’t have to request access or send in a help ticket. Everyone is happy.

The Bottom Line

Some organizations are fine with giving their non-technical (or less technical) users access to RDM. However, other organizations have come to the conclusion that “user friendly” for IT pros means something entirely different than it does for people who don’t know the difference between, say, PowerShell and Powerball.

In such cases, pairing RDM with Devolutions Password Server is the way to go. To learn more about the advantages of adding Devolutions Password Server to your environment — and the advantages go far beyond making your non-technical users happy — check out this article. You can also request a free trial of Devolutions Password Server any time: https://server.devolutions.net/Home/Trial.