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New Employee Spotlight: Guillaume Beaupré, Director of Legal Affairs and Strategic Development

Guillaume Beaupre Devolutions Interview

Hi everyone!

As you may know from my various posts, I’m a huge fan of the outdoors (and of sports in general). That’s why today I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new colleague who is also a big outdoors enthusiast: please give a warm Devolutions welcome to Guillaume Beaupré, our Director of Legal Affairs and Strategic Development.

As you can guess, Guillaume and I are probably going to spend many lunches talking about our outdoor adventures, and maybe even plan some new ones. For now, here’s some more information on Guillaume based on my recent chat with him.

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I graduated in political science from Laval University and the University of Toronto in 1999, and obtained my bachelor’s degree in civil and common law from McGill University in 2004. After that, I had the opportunity to rapidly focus my practice on business, corporate and commercial law within a top-tier law firm in Montreal, and then as in-house counsel for SNC-Lavalin Group, which is a multinational engineering company.

After a few years, I decided to jump into the world of entrepreneurship and start my own legal practice with a friend, and we created BAA Business Lawyers, a boutique law firm specializing in business and corporate law for small and medium-size companies. During this period of almost eight years, I had the opportunity — and pleasure! — to have Devolutions as a client, and advise David and his team on various legal issues related to the operation and expansion of the company. Given my increased involvement in Devolutions’ legal affairs, and the very good business and personal relationship that I had developed with the people at Devolutions during this time, David invited me to join the team, and I accepted with great enthusiasm.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest professional achievement so far would definitely be the success in developing and growing my former law firm. Leaving a stable job with great work conditions in order to start a new business, with all the unknown and uncertainties that it implies — both professionally and financially — was a bit of a challenge at first. But I knew that with time, work, effort and patience there would be no regrets; and I was right! Eight years later, I’m very proud to say that my partner and I were able to exceed our expectations, and build a reputable and successful boutique law firm.

What was it about Devolutions that made you want to work here?

As I mentioned, I had the opportunity to advise Devolutions on various legal matters as outside counsel. During those years, I was and remain impressed by David’s great entrepreneurial qualities. His leadership, vision, and personal involvement within his business certainly explains the success and growth of Devolutions within the past few years, and I really feel privileged to work under his direction.

What also attracted me here is the great team spirit and work atmosphere that you can feel from the very moment you enter the place. It seemed to be very pleasant and motivating to work at Devolutions, and I can now confirm that this is very true!

What would you say are your top three strengths at work?

First, I would say that I’m a great team worker. Knowing that my expertise can contribute to achieve common goals, and having the feeling that everyone is roaming in the same direction, is very motivating. Second, I’m a very loyal and dedicated person. I’m not afraid to make the extra effort or sacrifice if I know that it will be in the best interests of the company, or the well-being of the team. Third, I think that I have a strong judgment and great analytical skills that help me to take a step back when facing difficult challenges, and ultimately make well-reasoned decisions based on the circumstances.

What tasks do you carry out in your job, and what are some of the tools that you use?

I deal with all legal matters and issues relating to the company, which include: drafting, review and negotiation of commercial contracts; verifying our compliance with applicable laws and looking out for changes in legislation that may impact our operations; reviewing and updating our internal policies and license agreements; managing the company’s intellectual property; and dealing with other general corporate matters and governance issues.

Also, as the person in charge of Devolutions’ strategic development, I’m involved in the negotiation and closing of transactions that have a direct impact on the company’s growth and expansion, such as third-party acquisitions and strategic partnerships with other companies.

What is your impression of working here?

I feel that there’s a great team spirit here, and the atmosphere is very positive. It is hard not to be motivated to come to work. Everyone has been very kind to me so far, and I quickly felt like a part of the team.

What goals would you like to achieve at Devolutions?

My main goal is to use my legal expertise and business experience to help Devolutions achieve higher growth and prosperity, and to consolidate its position, reputation, and standing in its market and among its competitors. On a more personal level, my goal is to have a sense of fulfilment at work, while keeping a good balance between my professional obligations, my family, my community commitments, and my pro bono efforts.

On a personal note, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love outdoor sports such as running on roads and trails, cross-country skiing and cycling. When I have some time left — which, I have to admit, is not always the case — I like playing guitar, watching TV series, and of course enjoying some video games once the kids are in bed! I also like reading detective and spy novels, as well as books and magazines on history, geography, science and travel – I’m a big fan of National Geographic.

Also, it’s very important for me to be involved within my community, and to invest my time and knowledge to causes or projects that have a direct positive impact on people’s quality of life. For example, I’m currently serving as a board member with many local and regional non-profit organizations operating in various fields, such as environment, culture, education and social well-being. Personally, I find these efforts very gratifying.

Please share a few words with our community of IT pros:

I’m very pleased to join Devolutions, and to be part of this great, dynamic team. I have great confidence in our global capacity to continue offering innovative and top-performing products, and to bring Devolutions to higher levels of success and excellence under the leadership and vision of our CEO David Hervieux, and of our upper-management team. I’m really looking forward to contributing to Devolutions’ success, and being involved in future projects with the company.

Derick St-Hilaire

Hello there! My name is Derick St-Hilaire, and I’m the Salesforce Administrator here at Devolutions. I’m one of the more experienced employees here at Devolutions, and it has been amazing to see the company and community grow over the years. My primary responsibilities include managing our Salesforce platform, and working closely with our strategic partners and customers. I also oversee the management of Devolutions Force, which is our VIP Advocate Community. Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I enjoy camping, walking my dog, playing video games, and I’m a huge movie fan — including the Star Wars franchise of course. If you would like to join Devolutions Force, or if you wish to get in touch, then you are welcome to contact me directly at

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