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February Poll: Does Your Organization Use (or Need) Password Management Software?

Poll February Password Management Software

With data breaches on the rise, IT pros are waging a difficult and stressful battle — not just against hackers, but also against end users! That’s because, as we’ve highlighted previously, many end users continue to store passwords on spreadsheets, use the same password for multiple accounts, use alarmingly basic passwords, share passwords with colleagues, and neglect to use 2FA/MFA.

What’s more, many end users in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) think they’re safe because hackers are primarily interested in large enterprises. This is not true! Hackers are increasingly targeting SMBs because they often have relatively weak end point and network defense systems (learn more about it here).

The Question

Given that end users can be the weakest link in the security defense chain, many organizations use password management software — but not all of them. And so we’d like to know: does your organization use (or need) password management software?

  • If your answer is YES, please share a few words about whether the experience has been positive. Have you run into any unexpected problems or challenges with implementation, end users, etc?
  • If your answer is NO, please share why. For example, maybe you want your organization to use password management software, but there’s no budget for it.
  • If your answer is “WE’RE THINKING ABOUT IT,” then please share what kinds of features you are looking for in your solution.
Our Take

Even though password management software isn’t bulletproof (because frankly nothing is bulletproof!), we believe it should be a key part of a business’s cyber security defense system — including SMBs, since, as noted above, they are increasingly coming under attack. To see our comparative review of some of the most popular password management tools, click here.

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