As you know, the digital landscape is full of some pretty scary things. No, we’re not talking about all of these weird subreddits. We’re talking about hackers who want to steal sensitive data. The good news is that security technology is getting better. The bad news is that cyber criminals are getting better too. That’s why you don’t (hopefully) store your passwords in Excel — if you need a reminder of the reasons why, read this ASAP. And it’s also why you (again, hopefully) take advantage of one of the many powerful password managers out there. But password managers are just part of the security puzzle. Many businesses are boosting their defense systems with two-factor authentication (2FA). There are 3 well-known methods:
  • something you know (a password or passphrase)
  • something you have (your mobile phone or a token)
  • something you are (your fingerprint)
And that brings us to this month’s poll question: Which 2FA do you use and why?  And if you don’t use 2FA, then why not?
Comparing 2FA Tools
If you need ideas or a refresher on what’s out there, we’ve previously compared (and recently updated) a look at some popular 2FA tools, including Google Authenticator, Authy, Yubico and DUO. Check it out here.
You Can Win
Just by participating in our poll and sharing your knowledge, you’ll be eligible for one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates. We’ll share some of the responses and announce the winners in October. Good luck, and thanks in advance for your contributions!