A little while ago I posted a blog about Remote Desktop Synchronizer that discussed the wide range of external data types that are supported by Remote Desktop Manager. Today I’m delighted to roll out the red carpet for the latest addition to the RDM integration family: Amazon EC2 Synchronizer!

What is Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (more commonly called EC2) is a web service that offers secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It also makes web-scale cloud computing easier for developers, who can rent virtual computers to run their own computer applications.

About the Integration

In the past, you had to use Amazon SDK to create a .csv before launching Remote Desktop Manager’s Synchronizer to manually sync sessions in RDM. Now, however, you can configure automatic syncing to save time and effort.

The Amazon EC2’s synchronizer will help you maintain Remote Desktop Manager in sync with your Amazon Cloud environment, automatically connecting to your account and creating all of your existing Amazon sessions directly in Remote Desktop Manager.


Activating this feature is incredibly easy. Simply launch Remote Desktop Manager Synchronizer and make sure that “Synchronize automatically” is checked (this is the default, so you actually won’t have to do anything unless you previously turned this off). Then just click OK.

That’s all there is to it! Syncing will automatically happen 30 seconds after a data source refresh. Of course, you can just as easily turn this off anytime you wish — simply uncheck the option and double-click on the synchronizer to have it run.

If you work in the Amazon Cloud environment, I hope this new feature simplifies your life and saves you time and effort.
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