Summer. Is. Here!

Finally, we can start complaining about the heat and forget that only a few months ago we were shivering and shoveling.

Also, June is that time of year when many new IT grads leave behind the sheltered halls of academic life and enter the jungle of the workforce. That’s why last month, we asked you seasoned IT pros to put your Yoda mask on (or should we say “Mask of Yoda do you put on we ask, hmmmmmmm?”) and share some sage advice with the newbie Padawans out there.

The Jedi Masters Speak

Here’s a snapshot of what your Jedi Masters had to say:

  • “Sit down, study, learn, do...then, success.” (nks)
  • “If you are terrified of breaking things, you'll never fix anything. Be brave and learn from your mistakes.” (Brian Krontz)
  • “Go Cloud! Don't try messing with physical servers, VMs, and software. SaaS is like always driving a brand new Lamborghini. Stop thinking about keeping your 15-year-old Ford!” (Tommy Boucher)
  • “Patience you must have.” (Ben Liebowitz c/o Yoda!)
  • “Hard work always pays off.” (Peter Nopp)
  • “You are not going to make 6 figures in your first year. Pay your dues. You'll get there, eventually.” (Frank McCourry)
It’s All Good!

I’m thankful that I don’t have to pick the best advice from this mix, because it’s all good! Truly, if you’re an emerging IT pro out there — actually, even if you’re an experienced veteran — then all of this wisdom applies. You’ll have a happier, more successful, and more rewarding career. And when it’s over, you’ll look back with pride at everything you’ve done and all the people you’ve helped. What more could you ask for?

Words that Resonated with Me…

Although I can’t pick the best advice, I can share some of the words that resonated most with me. I loved what Ben Liebowitz said about being patient — it’s so true! If you’re new, you can’t expect to start in a senior position with no experience. Start from the beginning, work hard (as Peter Nopp advises), don’t expect to make 6 figures from day one (you nailed it Frank McCourry!), and the rewards will come.

And we couldn’t agree more with Tom Higgins when he says DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. It’s not possible to remember all there is to know. Plus, it’s very useful to have proof of what you’ve done in case someone asks for it. Keeping a daily diary is a good idea. I would also remind everyone out there that you can keep secure notes in Remote Desktop Manager. Plus, the logs will help you keep track of what’s going on (not trying to do any advertising here, just pointing out a useful fact!).

And the Winners Are…

This month’s randomly selected winners are Thomas Higgins and Peter Nopp. Congratulations guys! Please send me an email at to claim your prize.

Once again, I’d like to thank all of the Jedi masters who shared their wisdom with the class of 2017. Hopefully your words will sink in with new ITs. As Yoda would say: “Always pass on what you have learned.”

And stay tuned for the July poll — it’s on its way!