There are conferences…and then there are IT CONFERENCES. What’s the difference? Well, for starters, if you harnessed the passion in the room at an IT conference and converted it into energy, you could start a new solar system. And if that isn’t enough: the swag at IT conferences is truly the best. Lets be honest, we are all looking forward to wear whatever we will find in our attendee bag!

Our Conference Experience

Although we haven’t attended many lately — only because we’ve been ultra-busy with new product launches and adding to our growing team — we’ve attended many conferences over the years. Perhaps you’ve even met our CEO David and other key members of our team at one of them? We feel that conferences are a great way to connect with our peers in the industry, while gaining a deeper understanding of the industry’s needs, issues and trends. (And there’s no harm in sampling various craft beers from around the world while we’re at it!)

July’s Poll Question

This month, we’d like you to list your favorite IT conferences and share a few words to describe why it’s such a great event. You can choose one conference, a few or several — it’s completely up to you. And if you’re planning on attending any IT conferences at some point in  2017 or 2018 (even if it’s not on your list of favorites), please let us know. Maybe we’ll have a chance to meet you in person!

You Could Win

By sharing your thoughts with us, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. You could buy yourself a nice little summer gift!  We look forward to reading all of your responses. Thank you in advance and good luck!