At Devolutions, we’ve always focused on offering user-friendly licensing options. For example, our single-user licenses are per user vs. per machine, which means that you can log in from anywhere (including on-the-go from your smartphone). Plus, you don’t need a separate Mac license and a separate Windows license, so if you work in a dual OS environment, just like Lord of the Rings, “one RDM license will rule them all.”

As part of our tradition of offering flexible and affordable licenses, today I’m thrilled to introduce a great new option: country-based licensing!

Country-based licensing is ideal if you have multiple team members who work at various sites, and who are all located in the same country. It’s a lower cost alternative to a Global license, and the price is based on your unique needs.

And speaking of a Global license: we’re shifting from a fixed fee to customized pricing. We’ve crunched the numbers and have clearly identified that this change will ensure that our customers who need a Global license will pay the lowest possible price. We don’t want our customers paying for more than they need.

Plus, if you’re wondering whether we’ll use the introduction of our new country-based license to boost the price of our Single license and Site license options, don’t worry. We know some IT companies do that kind of thing — but not us. Our affordable prices for those license options are staying the same.

Before I go…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we created Remote Desktop Manager to make your lives easier and your work experience better. And part of that commitment is ensuring that our licensing and pricing is as customer-focused as our products. We hope that you find the new Country license and customized pricing approach beneficial. As always, we welcome your input and suggestions. You can comment below, post in our forum, or contact me directly at