It’s March, which means that Mother Nature isn’t quite sure what mood she’s in. Sometimes, it’s ridiculously cold outside. Then suddenly it’s sunny and warm, and people start wandering around in shorts and t-shirts (of course they’d look even better wearing some cool swag from Devolutions Merch!).

As you may already know, we have recently doubled our work space at Devolutions. To celebrate the extension of our wonderful office and at the same time our geekiness; we gave new awesome names to each of Devolutions’ departments and conference rooms. Each name is related to movie classics and cinema legends. Here’s a look at it:

  • Admin: François Pignon
  • Break Room: Ferris Bueller
  • Collaborative Workspace 1: Jack Sparrow
  • Collaborative Workspace 2: Roger Rabbit
  • Collaborative Workspace 3: Marty Mcfly
  • Collaborative Workspace 4: Indiana Jones
  • Collaborative Workspace 5: Harry Potter
  • Conference Room: Clark Griswold
  • English Class: Mr. Beans
  • Gym: Rocky Balboa
  • Inside Sales: Jerry McGuire
  • Marketing: Mad Max
  • Technical Support: MacGyver
  • Web Development: John McClane
And that brings us to the March poll. This month, we’d like you to run through your enormous hard drive of a brain, evaluate all of your beloved movie, and pick the one that you think is the best. We would also like to know which classic you’ve seen far too often. One such classic that our marketing guru Max has seen far too often is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But seriously, who hasn’t seen Christmas Vacation? Maybe your #1 choice had (or has) the best storyline, special effects, actors, music…or maybe it just reminds you of a happy time in your life. It’s totally up to you. And really, you’ll be performing a very important service for your fellow IT pros. We all know how much crap is on TV and online. I mean, don’t get me started! But maybe your suggestion will inspire someone in our community to check it out, and they’ll fall in love with it as well.
Geeky Poll = Geeky Prize
As you may know, each month our little homemade bot chooses two random winners from all of our wonderful participants (that would be YOU). And this month we’re dialing up the fun by giving away TWO $25 Think Geek gift cards! How cool is that? As always, you enter the poll by commenting below, and the winners will be announced next month when we share some of the results. Good luck!