As you may recall, last summer we asked you to share your favorite IT Tools. The response was so amazing that it inspired us to create a big list of more than 50 must-have IT tools.

Well, this month’s poll is kind of along the same lines. Instead of telling us about the tools you love, we’d like you to answer the following question: what are the 3 best IT apps available from Google Play and the AppStore?

Now, while we’d be grateful and proud if you all included RDM for Android and iOS on your list J, we are actually taking our name off the ballot for this election. That way, there is more room for other tools that we can highlight in our blog, and that your fellow IT pros may find useful.

“But that’s not all!”

In addition to listing your 3 mobile must-have IT tools, please share a few words about why they are so valuable to you. Do they help you save time? Avoid hassles? Get more control? Keep end users from calling you at 3 am screaming about not being able to log into their computers?

One Month –  Ten Winners

We’re not just selecting one winner for this month’s poll, but TEN! Why? Because we like over-delivering! Plus, this month only, we’re giving new fresh prizes!

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