While each IT pro is a unique, all IT pros have one thing in common: they dislike (actually, they hate!) being told what to do without clear, logical and rational reasons. This isn’t because IT pros are needlessly cynical. Rather, it’s because they’re wisely skeptical!

At Devolutions, we respect this about IT pros — because we’re IT pros, too. And that’s why it’s not enough for me to merely ask you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You need objective facts, so that you can make an informed decision.

With this in mind, here are 5 reasons that thousands of IT pros around the world subscribe to our newsletter, and why you might want to join them:

1. You’ll increase your knowledge.

Our newsletter connects you with breaking news from around the IT world, as well as tips and suggestions to boost your knowledge and help you survive changes in the IT world.

2. You’ll be the first to know about our products and other developments.

We’re always making improvements around here, whether we’re launching major updates to existing products (like RDM 13) or introducing new solutions (like Wayk Now). Subscribing to our newsletter is the fastest and easiest way to stay on top of everything new at Devolutions so that you can start benefitting as soon as possible.

3. You’ll get more value from your Devolutions products.

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4. You’ll save money.

Our newsletter features special deals throughout the year on licenses and other goodies. Who doesn’t love saving money?

5. You’ll have fun.

Being an IT pro is serious business. After all, if a company were a human body, IT pros would be the veins that keep it alive (and just like most people don’t thank their veins for all they do, you might not get the gratitude you deserve for keeping your company alive — but don’t worry, we appreciate and admire you!).

But sometimes we all need to relax and have some fun, and our newsletter is a great way to do both. You can learn about our glorious pinball collection, catch up on the hilarious adventures of the Sysadminotaur gang, participate in our monthly polls (and maybe win a prize!), and much more.

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