Yesterday we began our traditional look at the past year here at Devolutions. Today, we continue the journey from part 1 with a look at the second half of the year:


In July, we wondered if we entered a wormhole because half the year had flown by so quickly. Don’t ask us where the time goes. On a more practical level, we launched Wayk Now version 1.2, which is a kind of “bridge” to version 1.5 (which will be dropping soon). And of course, since we’re all big geeks around here, we dutifully celebrated Sysadmin Day.


In August we started thinking about building a new technology center in Lavaltrie next to our office. So, we got together with partners in the public and private sector, and started creating the Technocentre, which will open its doors early 2018 (we can’t wait!). The Technocentre will welcome a few meticulously chosen technology start-up that will be independent, but supported by Devolutions. We still have some offices left! Please contact us for more information. August was a big month for Sysadminotaur fans, because Patrick Desilets, the creator, writer and illustrator of the beloved IT comic strip, joined our team full-time. We also posted an updated Road Map to keep you in the loop, and announced that Devolutions had officially joined Reddit (because we’re as addicted as you are…can I get an upvote?).


September was an epic month! To start with, we were listed in Gartner's 2017 Market Guide for Privileged Access Management (PAM) in the Other PAM Solutions category alongside a small number of vendors — including Red Hat and Microsoft — that effectively deliver an alternative way to mitigate the risks around privileged access, or provide a set of specific and deep capabilities to augment existing PAM deployment. Then, we were ranked #74 on the PROFIT 500, which is the definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. And before we said goodbye to the month, we launched a brand new website for the Sysadminotaur gang, and released Devolutions Server 4.6. One of the key new features in this version is the ability to see and edit passwords/entries for many types of sessions directly from the DVLS web page.


Because October is a creepy month (due to Halloween) we started off on a scary note with a look at some of the worst data breaches in history. And to help you avoid being victimized, my colleague Jenny explained the differences between 2FA and MFA. Speaking of helpful colleagues: Derick shared 5 YouTube channels to boost your IT knowledge. We also explained how you can submit a support ticket directly from within Remote Desktop Manager, and ended the month by giving you a sneak peek at the upcoming Sysadminotaur short animation feature.


November witnessed a momentous event in the history of Devolutions: our most popular poll ever! As you may recall, we asked: are you Mac or Windows? As you probably guessed, Windows easily won, but both tribes had good arguments.

Even more importantly, we released Remote Desktop Manager 13 — and the feedback we’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of the key features in the latest version include:

If you haven’t experienced RDM 13 yet and want to see what the excitement is about, here’s an article with more details. And we wrapped up the month with a look at 7 easy ways to contact our support team.

To celebrate the holiday season, we launched a free webinar that invited IT pros to ask questions about RDM 13, and it was very successful and informative.

Thank You!

To those of you who were with us all year, and to those of you who joined us along the way: THANK YOU for your support and feedback. You’re the reason we exist, and we’ll never take your loyalty for granted. Be assured that while you have high expectations of us, what we demand of ourselves — and each other — is even higher. We never stop improving and finding better ways to help you control the IT chaos in your world.

On behalf of everyone at Devolutions, we wish you a very happy and joyful holiday season, and a wonderful start to the new year. Speaking of which: our CEO David is putting the final touches on the 2018 Road Map. Stay tuned, he’ll be posting it soon!