Here at Devolutions, everything that we do stems from three core values:

  • Always aim to deliver the “Wow Factor” for our community of users.
  • Support a positive life experience for our employees and users.
  • Be transparent in our all of our actions and across the organization.

While we’re always focused on the future, we’re also proud of our traditions. For example, each Wednesday we have a team lunch where everyone is invited, from those who have been here for many years, to those who have just joined us. We also honor our sacred Foosball Rules, and every Thursday we get together to enjoy a beer!

And of course, if you’ve been part of our community for a while, then you know that in late December we share a month-by-month recap on the year that has passed. And so, to continue this glorious tradition, let’s get rolling with the Devolutions 2017 Year in Review:

First, This Important Message…

I promise that I’ll start the year in review in a few seconds. But first, I wanted to mention something important: in 2017 we welcomed many new hires, and now have over 80 amazing team members! Our workforce has grown nearly 130% in the last two years, and it won’t be long before the population of Devolutions Nation will reach and surpass 100. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with such smart and wonderful people. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:


Just as we do every year, we kicked off 2017 with our CEO David’s annual Road Map, in which he shared plans for all of our products and developments, including the future of Sysadminotaur. In January, I also provided an overview of our products — including new RDM integrations with Zoho Vault and Sophos — and my colleague Jenny revealed some very exciting news that many of you had been asking about: the integration of RDM Jump into RDM 12.


In February we continued introducing a new team member each week, and our Business Architect Maurice answered a commonly asked question: do you always need to renew your RDM maintenance plan and keep it up to date? To see Maurice’s answer and advice, click here. Sticking with the educational theme, my colleague Jenny posted handy startup checklists for users of RDM Free, RDM Enterprise Single User, and RDM Enterprise Team. And for Valentine’s Day, we got all emotional and told you how much WE LOVE YOU. Towards the end of the month, our CEO, David, released the highly-anticipated Wayk Now Road Map. (By the way, we have a major Wayk Now announcement on the way!)


We hit the ground running in March by launching Devolutions Web Login for Edge, plus we took a tour of the history of programming. My colleague Derick also joined us as an Inside Sales Rep, and we quickly discovered that he loves blogging, too. I was thrilled when he joined me on the Devolutions Blog Bus (and if you want to write a guest post, there’s room for you as well!). Maurice had an app idea that will surely make us very rich — in fact, the idea was so amazing that it was commemorated by Patrick in Sysadminotaur. We also shared the master list of more than 100 must-have IT tools (as determined by IT Pros), and hosted a webinar about RDM 12. Finally, we wrapped up the month by looking at RDM for Windows vs. RDM for Android.


April was a wonderful month at Devolutions! First, we won a Mercuriades award for excellence in developing international markets. The Mercuriades is the most prestigious business competition in Quebec, Canada. We posted a case study featuring VMware, and bought an awesome new pinball machine. Plus, we also shared advice on how RDM can help your organization become PCI compliant. Towards the end of the month, we started a series of articles in partnership with author Michael Otey from Petri IT Knowledgebase.


In May we welcomed our 70th team member, and we also hit the magic 300,000 user mark — thank you! We launched the first version of Wayk Now for iOS and Android. Plus, as part of our goal to provide flexible and affordable licenses, we were thrilled to introduce a great new option: country-based licensing. We ended May with a bang by releasing Remote Desktop Manager 12.5, which featured a whopping 200+ new features, additions, enhancements and improvements.


In June, I shared a snapshot of what life is like at Devolutions — and it’s only getting better all the time! We also started creating content in partnership with TechTarget, which has been a really nice addition to our blog.

Stay Tuned for Part 2…

In the second part of my 2017 Year in Review, I’ll recap July through December. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!