The holidays are getting closer and it’s time to reflect on the year. 2017 was certainly a unique year, with many interesting and exciting developments. There was the amazing eclipse, the announcement of a new Tesla Roadster, and the birth of the incredible Shooting Star meme. And on a more serious note, people like Patty Jenkins (the woman behind the summer’s biggest blockbuster, Wonder Woman) turned the camera away from the sound stage and towards the very disturbing picture of sexism and gender inequality in Hollywood. Clearly, this is just the beginning of the conversation.

December Poll

Speaking of leaders like Ms. Jenkins, this month’s poll question is: Who is the Personality of the Year for 2017? You can choose anyone from any industry — not just IT. Please share your views and tell us why your selection deserves to be at the top.

And if you need some inspiration from the geek world, here’s our list of the top 10 IT superheroes who changed the world (part 1 and part 2).

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