If you’re like me, then you have an opinion on…well, nearly everything. Don’t believe me? Just ask my co-workers, who will tell you how I sometimes make their day brighter by sharing my views — and other times, I just annoy them. Good times!

Personally, I would much rather have a few extra opinions than be speechless when someone asks, “Joey, what do you think?” And really, it’s not my fault. I have a super-active mind and imagination, and can’t help but think of everything from great ideas to super-useless inventions.

Over to You…

Let’s turn the spotlight, camera and microphone over to you. As an IT pro, you have many intelligent opinions. You know what makes sense in your world (or should make sense if people did what they were supposed to!), and what doesn’t.

Now, we’d like to give you a GLOBAL platform where you can share your tech-related advice, tips, and best practices (or maybe worst practices). Contribute as a guest blogger at blog.devolutions.net! In addition to the satisfaction of making the IT community a smarter and safer place, you can link to your articles on your various profiles, promote them on social media, and email all of your tech colleagues and friends. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even launch a new career as a writer.

Why We’re Doing This

Here at Devolutions, we truly believe that educating our community about IT security, best practices, and other issues is crucial. That’s why we created our blog several years ago. Now, I’m proud to say that we welcome about 40,000 visitors each month from across the globe, and who hail from all sectors, industries, fields and roles. We’re working hard to take our content to the next level, and we’d love for you to be part of this mission.

How to Join Our Team

To learn more about being a guest blogger with the Devolutions team, simply send me an email at: jdupont@devolutions.net. I’ll provide you with additional details and the next steps.