October is here, which means that , funny costumes and scary IT movies are finally on their way. No, we don’t mean the movie “IT” with that traumatizing clown! We mean scary movies that involve information technology in some way, even if it’s kind of dated — like The Lawnmower Man and Poltergeist (“they’re heeeeeeeere”). Or if you’d prefer something less terrifying and cuddlier, then there’s always Wall-E.

Now, what does this have to do with October’s poll question? Well, AI and IT are part of the same world, and so we want to know: Which tasks in your job would you like to be automated by AI? For example, you could have AI diagnose the problem of the support ticket and dispatch it to the best person to assist the end user.

You Could Win

By participating in the poll, you could win a $25 Amazon gift card! Just think of all the post-Halloween sale candy you could buy majorly reduced, or maybe you’ll be able to pick up a discounted Chewbacca costume! We’ll announce the winners next month. Good luck, and thanks in advance for your contributions!