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October Poll Results: Which tasks in your job would you like to be automated by AI?

Poll October Job Automated AI Result

Last month, we asked you: “Which tasks in your job would you like to be automated by AI?” It definitely seems that many of you are looking for the improvement of Artificial Intelligence to automate some of your assignments.

The responses were very interesting! Here’s a recap of some of the ways that you want AI to make your work life better:
  • Setting up new user accounts and systems
  • Connecting to remote servers using the best network route, and assessing the quality of connection
  • Patching and updating software
  • Performing basic troubleshooting before a ticket is issued
  • Attending meetings and summarizing what was missed (love this!)
  • Quickly learning new things and teaching them to you so that you’re up-to-date
  • Collecting all reports from employees and collating them into one roll-up report
  • Asking end users “Did you turn it off and back on again?" at least 3 times (are you sure 3 is enough, Frank McCourry?) ??
  • Constantly monitoring many VMs and servers around the world
  • Maintaining and updating VMs
  • Analyzing tickets and assigning them to the proper queue, and doing some basic troubleshooting first as well
Here’s a recap of some of the ways that you want AI to make your personal life better:
  • Paying your bills —many of you want some help from AI here!
  • Detecting when you’re in the doghouse with your significant other and delivering flowers for you
  • Letting kids in the home play games only when their homework is done and their grades are B or higher, and interface with nest cams to check if cleaning chores are done (you might make the cover of WIRED with this idea, Rick Pa!)
  • Making extra income trading stockswhoo hoo!
  • Going out and finding movies and TV shows that you’ll like and automatically downloading them for you (but sometimes browsing can be fun, too!)
  • Knowing what you want to eat for dinner and having it ready for you when you come home

I can’t wait for the AI to become powerful enough to make all of these happen. Life would be easier, and we could spend more time on our truly important priorities — like reading Sysadminotaur!

The Winners Are

The lucky winners of this months poll are **Edwin **and Rick Pa! Congratulations! Simply contact me at and I will gladly send along your prizes.

And of course, thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Please don’t be sad if you didn’t have your name randomly chosen — the November poll will be posted tomorrow, and you’ll have another chance to win. Stay tuned.

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