Happy New Year RDMers!

As you all work at getting back in the groove – hoping, as you do every year, you’ll never hear another mall Christmas song again – we thought we’d give you a boost with a fun poll to start the year.

Now, you might have made some sensible, down-to-earth New Year’s Resolutions like “I want to eat healthier” or “I want to spend less time at work” or “I want to spend more time on the Devolutions blog” (OK we kinda just threw that last one in… ).

That’s all well and good. But what we’d like to know in the January Poll is: What’s the CRAZIEST thing you hope to do or achieve this year?

We want you to dig deep into your bucket list for this one. Maybe you want to hike in the Grand Canyon, go for a ride in a hot air balloon, ride a camel in the desert, get married, get a tattoo, parachute out of an airplane, swim with dolphins. Or maybe even parachute out of an airplane WITH dolphins! (Umm…that might be a bit too crazy…please forget that last one).

Max vs. Meat

If you need some inspiration, here’s something that our Marketing Director Max has planned for the year ahead: he wants to order the biggest Subway sandwich in history, which is made with basically every kind of conceivable meat. And guess what? He’s even had a chat with the Subway here in Lavaltrie that is willing to support his crazy fantasy, provided he pays $70 for the sub. As far as bucket list goals go, that’s a bargain! If Max fulfills this goal, we’ll ask him to take selfies to visually capture the historic event (you can do it Max, we believe in you!).

We’re Doing This for YOU!

By sharing your goal, you’ll feel great and will inspire others to follow their (wacky) dreams and objectives. Plus, you’ll have a little bit of pressure to do it, because I’ll personally contact you at the end of the year and ask you to share your story. Of course you can decline, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see your crazy tale featured on our blog? Just imagine the pride…the rewards…the sheer craziness of it all!

You Can Win

And of course, simply by participating, you’ll be eligible for one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates. We’ll share some of the responses and announce the winners in February.

What are you waiting for? Get your crazy on! We’re doing this all for you! :)