Great news everyone: the Sysadminotaur website has been upgraded! It’s now faster and easier to browse through the entire library of comics. You can get your Sysadminotaur fix anytime from: Plus, you can keep up with the Sysadminotaur gang — and other news related to the beloved comic — on our blog here.

About Sysadminotaur

If you’re new to the Sysadminotaur, it’s our popular comic strip created by IT Pros, for IT Pros. It’s a funny look at real life in the IT world. The situations and characters are sure to remind you of your own experiences in the IT field.

Inspire Us!

Do you have a weird, wonderful or wild IT tale to tell? Our Sysadminotaur team would love to hear from you, and see if they can translate your experience or imagination into a hilarious comic that can be enjoyed by IT pros around the world. Just think of the pride you’ll feel. Yes, earning a high-profile industry certification is great ­­– but being the inspiration behind a Sysadminotaur comic is life changing. You can put it on your resume, boast about it at performance management meetings and job interviews, and even get the IT pros you meet at a conference to buy you a beer. Good times!

To be the real Sysadminotaur MVP, simply send me an email at and I’ll make sure Patrick (the magnificent mad scientist behind Sysadminotaur) receives it. You can also leave a comment below.