For the past few Mondays (with a brief pause for SysAdmin Day festivities), we’ve been shining a spotlight on some of our great new team members here at Devolutions, such as Julien, Marie-Pier, and Richer. Today, it’s my pleasure to continue the fun by introducing you to Patrick Lamarre, our new QA Specialist.

Like many of our recent hires, Patrick completed an internship here at Devolutions and did such an incredible job that we asked him to join us full time — and we’re thrilled that he said yes!  I recently had a chance to chat with Patrick about his background, role, hobbies and more. Here’s a look at our conversation:

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I’ve just finished studying IT, and did my internship here at Devolutions. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to make a bigger contribution to our team. I can honestly say that I learned more here during my internship than I did in all of my time at school!

What would you say is your biggest professional achievement so far?

Honestly, I would have to say that my biggest professional achievement would be starting here at Devolutions. A lot of people want to work here, and I know the hiring process is competitive. I think this is a great opportunity for me.

What was it about Devolutions that made you want to work here?

There were many things. The office vibe is great, and so is the team spirit. When I first arrived here as an intern, I was amazed at the environment. Plus, it’s also near where I live, which means I don’t have to spend hours commuting each week.

What would you say are your top three strengths at work?

I’m a quick learner, I always strive to do my best, and I’m a perfectionist. But at the same time, I understand that perfection in software development is not always realistic, because there are always going to be improvements and upgrades over time.

What tasks do you carry out in your job?

I hunt down bugs! It’s a very interesting and challenging job. You never know what bugs will pop up, because our customers are constantly using our products in new ways.

What are your impressions about working here?

It’s a great place to work, and everyone is always pushing to do better.

What goals would you like to achieve at Devolutions?

I’d like to increase my knowledge by taking more programming courses while I’m working. I’d also like to improve my efficiency.

On a personal note, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I’m a skateboarder, a gamer and a fighter. I love all types of extreme sports, but especially Karate. I love the adrenaline kick — it really makes you feel alive!

Please share a few words with our community of IT pros:

Everyone here is passionate and dedicated to making sure that you get the best experience possible.  And if you encounter any bugs, please let me or any other member of my team know!