IT Security is fundamental for any company. However, choosing the perfect tool to assist you is easier said than done. In this blog, you will learn how the right password management solution can help reduce unauthorized access to critical assets and prevent insider attacks.

What's the challenge

Managing passwords is becoming a real nightmare and an important security challenge for IT departments and organizations worldwide. Privileged access to critical assets are protected using shared passwords which can easily lead to data breaches and insider attacks if not managed properly. Efforts to strengthen password management through policies can partially diminish risks, but can hardly satisfy all compliance requirements and will often lead to unproductive workflows.

Securing passwords is a complex task that the vast majority of IT pros must address. The challenge resides in finding the thin line between security and accessibility. Privileged passwords for both administrators and users must be secured in an encrypted and hardened vault without compromising user experience.

How we can help

While passwords have obvious weaknesses and represent a real threat to organizations’ data security, they continue to be used in many different cases. A good password management solution can make all the difference. Devolutions offers a comprehensive solution not only for IT departments but for entire organizations. Starting with an on-premise encrypted database where company-wide passwords are securely stored, administrators and users can access privileged passwords through our web-based application.

Passwords are brokered to applications on behalf of the user based on his or her individual set of permissions and security rights defined by the admin using our role-based security system. Every entry or action on a session is then logged for complete audit trails and compliance reporting.

What's in it for you

Managing access to shared accounts from a highly-trusted enterprise password management will provide two major benefits: maximum security and increased productivity.

Being able to manage and secure privileged passwords from a unique platform will help reduce the risk of unauthorized access to critical assets and shared accounts. Moreover, using a granular security system adds additional control over user access preventing insider attacks by strengthening your network security.

A simplified user experience in addition to a centralized password repository will reduce helpdesk support calls as users won’t have to remember or retrieve lost passwords ever again.