Privileged Access Management can decrease the risks of threats and reinforce your security to meet compliance requirements. By reading this article, you will learn how the right PAM solution can diminish the risks posed by insider threats and data breaches, while helping you meet audit and compliance requirements.

What's the challenge

Controlling and monitoring privileged access is extremely important for both administrators and users in order to both diminish the risks posed by insider threats, data breaches, and to meet audit and compliance requirements. Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions provide secured privileged access to critical assets by securing, managing and monitoring privileged accounts and sessions.

IT teams and security have to find the right balance between keeping the organization’s critical assets secure and allowing users to be productive. Administrators such as sysadmins and IT professionals have to access a wide range of privileged accounts using multiple remote access technologies, making it more and more difficult to actually use privileged passwords without revealing sensitive information.

How we can help

Devolutions is proud to collaborate and partner with highly trusted leaders in the Privileged Access Management industry such as:

While our technology partners offer comprehensive PAM solutions, Devolutions leverages its expertise in remote connection management by providing strategic integrations with its flagship solution, Remote Desktop Manager (RDM).

As a result, privileged passwords are secured and managed from the PAM solution while remote connections are accessed and launched from RDM, which retrieves passwords from our partners’ PAM solutions through our different integrations.

What's in it for you

We understand the significant level of effort and resources required to secure critical assets against cyber-attacks and insider threats, and we understand that security is one of the core challenges every organization must face. At the same time, we believe IT departments should have the ability and flexibility to achieve their daily goals in an efficient manner.

The integration of PAM solutions within Remote Desktop Manager will let you work productively in a secured environment.