As you probably know, SysAdmin Appreciation Day is tomorrow. And to continue our series of blog posts on the topic, today I’m pleased to share 10 ways to celebrate this special occasion on the geek calendar:

1. Get Your Creativity On

Why not take a moment to work on a project that has absolutely nothing to do with work? Stimulating your creativity can be very motivating, and allows you to escape — at least momentarily — from the chaos that you deal with each day.

2. Prank Your Colleagues…Just Because!

Being the IT Master in your environment has its perks, including the fact that you can prank your friends and spend the next several days (or weeks or months) reminding them about it. Here’s a hilarious but harmless suggestion: install a browser extension that changes all of the images to Nicolas Cage (which someone actually did here at Devolutions once upon a time…).

3. Game On!

Why not take the day (or part of the day, if you aren’t lucky enough to be off duty!) to play your favorite games? You deserve to have some fun. Hey, even Superman needs a break from time to time.

4. Chest Thump Like King Kong

Even if you’re the humble behind-the-scenes type, spend the day tomorrow reminding your colleagues just how valuable you are. If you need some inspiration, here’s a blog post we wrote on why IT pros are the life-giving veins of an organization.

5. Party Like a Rock Star

One nice thing about SysAdmin Day is that it always falls on a FRIDAY, which means for many of you, it’s the last work day of the week! So why not hit your favorite spot for drinks, or try something new like going to karaoke? Maybe in the middle of a passionate rendition of My Way you’ll be spotted by a talent scout and get a recording deal.

6. Bacon & Beer

If you’re not a Canadian, then become an honorary Canuck for a day by getting a pound of Canadian Maple Bacon and some of your favorite craft microbrewery beer, then heading outside to bask in the glory of doing absolutely nothing. Good times.

7. Eat Whatever You Want

Not a bacon and beer fan? No problem! Reward yourself by eating whatever you want. Feel like pizza for breakfast? Live the dream, my friend. Want to make a restaurant regret ever having uttered the words “all you can eat”? Make it so!

8. Vacation Time

If you’re one of the lucky IT pros out there that get the day off, then why not treat yourself to a mini vacation? You don’t have to go far. Just head out to a local park, visit your favorite part of the city — there’s no limit! You’ll have fun, reduce stress, and come back to your job ready to tame the IT chaos in your world.

9. Gift Yourself

You spend so much time helping other people — why not treat yourself by getting a nice gift? Go ahead and indulge yourself on this special occasion. You deserve it!

10. Save on RDM!

Hey, you know what’s even more fun than celebrating SysAdmin Day? Saving money! And we’ll help you get started by reminding you that until midnight tomorrow (July 28), you’ll save 50% on an RDM Enterprise License. With the money you save, you can buy more bacon and beer! ??

What Are Your SysAdmin Traditions?

Do you have any fun and unique SysAdmin traditions? Or do you have anything special planned tomorrow? Please comment below and tell us what you’re up to.