Last week we launched the latest (and greatest) version of Remote Desktop Manager. There are nearly 200 additions, enhancements and improvements for you to enjoy. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our beloved Password Vault Manager users as well, and it’s my pleasure to announce that PVM 8.5 is here!
What’s New in PVM 8.5?
  • Data Source
    • New WebDav data source
    • Added AD authentication support in SQL Server Azure data source
  • New Entry Types
    • Wi-Fi entry
    • One Time Password (OTP) credential
  • Misc.
    • Added multiple policies to simplify the UI
    • Added shared password templates
    • Improved and fixed issues with the offline mode
    • Many other improvements and fixes
How to Get Password Vault Manager 8.5
  • If you have an active Password Vault Manager license, you’ll be automatically prompted to upgrade to version 8.5 the next time on you log in. Or, you can get it now by visiting
  • If your Password Vault Manager license has expired, then now would be a great time to renew and rejoin the PVM party. Plus, as a license holder, you’ll get free ongoing maintenance and expert technical support.
  • If you’re new to the Devolutions’ community: we’re happy to welcome you aboard with a free 30-day trial of Password Vault Manager 8.5. You’ll enjoy all of the features and functions to see if it’s the right solution for you. After your trial period expires, you’ll have the option of purchasing an affordable license (various options available), or downgrading to the free version and using it for as long as you wish.
Not sure what to do? If you need help deciding between Password Vault Manager and Remote Desktop Manager, or any of our other solutions, such as Devolutions Server, contact our sales team at We’ll gladly answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.
Let us know what you think!
As you hopefully know, many of the changes and improvements to our products are inspired by your feedback, advice and suggestions. Please make our development team happy by sharing your feedback on Password Vault Manager 8.5. You can comment below, post in our forum, or email me directly. I’ll make sure your request or feedback is directed to the right team. And stay tuned, because we have other exciting announcements on the way!