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April Poll: What PAM Solution Do You Use & Recommend?

April Poll: What PAM Software Do You Use & Recommend?

The beginning of April may be dominated by April Fool’s jokes, but for the poll this month we’re taking a more serious turn, because the topic is network security. Specifically, we’d like to know: what Privileged Access Management (PAM) software do you use and recommend?

What’s PAM?

PAM is a way for organizations to control access to login accounts that have elevated security rights. High privilege accounts are a growing security concern, especially for organizations that must follow strict corporate governance or compliance regulations.

The PAM concept centers around two major functions: managing privileged passwords and delegating privileged actions. In its Market Guide, Gartner further distinguishes two solution categories: Privileged Account and Session Management (PASM) and Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM).

PAM solutions have been around for a few years now but you might be new to the concept. For more information, we invite you to download a great e-book that Thycotic just released - Privileged Account Management for Dummies which can be downloaded here:

Some PAM Vendors

There are a number of vendors who provide solutions in the PAM space according to Gartner, including the following:

  • BeyondTrust (PowerBroker, Password Safe)
  • Bomgar (Privileged Access Management)
  • CA technologies (CA Privileged Access Manager, CA Privileged Access App to App Manager)
  • Centrify (Centrify Privilege Service)
  • CyberArk (Application Identity Manager, Enterprise High Availability Module, Enterprise Password Vault, Privileged Session Manager)
  • Dell(Privileged Password Manager, Privileged Session Manager)
  • ManageEngine (Password Manager Pro)
  • Thycotic (Secret Server, Privilege Manager for Unix)
  • Lieberman Software (RED Suite)

Do any of these look familiar? If you work in a mid-size or larger organization, you probably said yes. Or you’ve probably used them without knowing they were PAM solutions. Just like Remote Desktop Manager, they help companies centralize sensitive data, improve security and keep track of what’s going on inside the organization.

Share & Win

Amazon Gift CardPlease let us know what PAM solution you use (or have used), and if you recommend it (or not). In addition to giving your fellow IT pros some valuable insights, you’ll be automatically entered to WIN one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates.

Thanks and good luck!

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